Ok so i’m 13 years old (i’m a christian) , and i’m very interested in paranormal stuff, and i believe that i am something called a Crystal Child. And lately i have been intersted in auras. So i’ve been seeing auras and training myself to see them. And my friend who I really respect because she is so obiediant to God, and this is a time when we are suppossed to be “rebellious teenagers”. And so i was talking to her about how i am interested in auras and seeing them, and she seems to be stongly against it, and saying that its like playing with fire. And that i should stop because its not Christian. Oh and just to tell you she didn’t even know what auras were untill i explained it to her. And she also worried about me being a Crystal Child… And i’m not saying that there are no risks on trying to see your aura. But could you please tell why its wrong to see your aura? Or is its not wrong. Becuz i respect my friend’s opion.
Thanks for all the questions so far, but people keep on comparing seeing auras to witchcraft and the like. And remember that a aura is a electromagnetic feild. And whats i’ve heard that very interesting is that back in biblical times people had stronger auric sight. So ya know how jesus and angels are drawn with halos? Well aparently the halos are actually there auras, and some of the painters were able to see these auras and so there for included them in there paintings. Oh yeah and i don’t get myself into Reikki or Oujie bourds. My dad before i was born was into that new age stuff and got himself demon possed. So he seems to be suporting me seeing my aura but also warning me to be careful. And i trust my dad.