black eyes in dream, what is this? spirit?


I’ve had a recurring, slightly varying dream for the past few years in which when I sense something wrong, whatever the impending awful “thing” is at the time, I always find myself in a cold place at a sink with a mirror for comfort, I’m thinking perhaps because when you’re sick it’s like the place you go to maybe throw up to feel better. It’s my dream-security place.

Anyway, last night I awoke horrified. I felt that the room was too silent and I heard my roommate jump awake only seconds later. I felt invaded and helpless and could not stop scanning the dark, increasingly upset. Then an image flashed in my head from the dream I just had: I leaning at the mirror- or I thought it was a mirror, leaning into my reflection. The more I tried to see the more I sense uneasiness, that this thing was only similar to me, but my dream intuition didn’t connect with it as a part of myself. I remembered something a close friend once said to me, that invading spirits/things always have eyes in dreams because they aren’t an extension of you and wear it like a suit. I focused and this thing that had lured me close had the darkest, blackest eyes I wouldn’t be able to imagine and I felt immense fear run through me. It has stayed with me all day as a feeling of dread and my eyes tear up when I recall it.

I am familiar with nightmares, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and sleep apnea and recognize when these things are happening to me; this was different. I did not feel that this image was a reflection of myself either, as far as the whole psychoanalysis goes. Does anyone have any information on what this could be? A spirit or creature maybe? It’d be much appreciated.


This is so strange because it is so so similar to my own dream.

This however is not re occurring to me. This thing known as the ‘girl in black’ in my dreams has visited me before but not in the same setting if that makes sense.
However I found myself in the house of my great grand parents (who died a long time ago) in the bathroom stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror. The difference is my own hair is suffocating my face, I can’t breathe and when I finally peel the hair off my face I’m trying desperately to look at myself in the mirror wiping away condensation which just won’t disapear and when I do get a glimpse of myself my eyes are fully black. And I realise that it isn’t me but it is? And I’m scared it’s like I know there is something bad happening. That imense fear that you explained run through you is what I felt. I leave the bathroom and I turn around the bathroom door is shut. I open the door and my boyfriend is in there and I tell him we need to leave because ‘she’ is back.
I am also familiar with nightmares, sleep paralysis, apnea, lucid dreaming etc. I remember nearly every dream I have and they are always in so much detail.
However this thing or person whatever it is keeps visiting me.
The only thing I can suggest is try to remember exactly how you felt during the dream/nightmare.
It’s easy to recall feeling scared especially when you wake up sweating. However, for example the 2 times I have dreamt about this thing now I also recall not actually dying just being extremely scared.
I recall telling myself in my dream that I am aware of this thing but it hasn’t killed me just frightened me.

I’m still looking for information myself and at the end of the day how u interpret your dream is how you are meant to understand it. Don’t question yourself.
This thing has shown its self to me only once before
– as myself but at a younger age again only being able to see the eyes. It’s like my dream would not allow me to look at this thing fully because maybe there is no full thing only eyes?
It sounds so strange when you write it all down and read it back to yourself but I am with you here. I think it’s something I know it is not myself it’s like a foreign feeling to my body.
I’d love to see what else you find out?
Thanks Alexandra.

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