black eyes in dream, what is this? spirit?


I’ve had a recurring, slightly varying dream for the past few years in which when I sense something wrong, whatever the impending awful “thing” is at the time, I always find myself in a cold place at a sink with a mirror for comfort, I’m thinking perhaps because when you’re sick it’s like the place you go to maybe throw up to feel better. It’s my dream-security place.

Anyway, last night I awoke horrified. I felt that the room was too silent and I heard my roommate jump awake only seconds later. I felt invaded and helpless and could not stop scanning the dark, increasingly upset. Then an image flashed in my head from the dream I just had: I leaning at the mirror- or I thought it was a mirror, leaning into my reflection. The more I tried to see the more I sense uneasiness, that this thing was only similar to me, but my dream intuition didn’t connect with it as a part of myself. I remembered something a close friend once said to me, that invading spirits/things always have eyes in dreams because they aren’t an extension of you and wear it like a suit. I focused and this thing that had lured me close had the darkest, blackest eyes I wouldn’t be able to imagine and I felt immense fear run through me. It has stayed with me all day as a feeling of dread and my eyes tear up when I recall it.

I am familiar with nightmares, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and sleep apnea and recognize when these things are happening to me; this was different. I did not feel that this image was a reflection of myself either, as far as the whole psychoanalysis goes. Does anyone have any information on what this could be? A spirit or creature maybe? It’d be much appreciated.


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So, I had this dream one night about six years ago. In the dream my wife and I are laying in bed watching TV. I startled at a noise and looked over to see a woman in her mid 40’s and a child around 12, I couldn’t see their faces clearly. My wife says hello and the woman holds up what appears to be a flyer for some community event. Every hair on my body is standing up and my flight reflex is telling me to get us far away from them. The woman then motions with her hand for my wife to come down stairs with her and the child, I begged my wife not to go but she told me everything was fine. So she goes with them and I stay in the bed watching TV and after about 5 minutes I feel something shake the bed and I look over figuring my wife had came back to the room and there is this man with grey hair in a blue suit white button down under shirt and a red tie. I say hello and he reaches over to shake my hand and gives me his name. (I can’t remember the name he gave me or his face but I know if I see that face or hear that name it will trigger something in me) He lays next to me and starts watching TV with me. Then all of a sudden he goes stiff as a board and rolls of the bed. I jump up and off the other side as he rolls away from the bed and horizontal to the wall on the floor and starts spinning at like 100mph the stops and stands with his back to me and his face to the wall, slowly turns around. Once he is facing me I notice his eyes are these solid black inky pools. I reach down on my nightstand and pick up my pistol and right as I bring it up his nose is on the barrel and that’s where I woke up.

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