Based of the Law of conservation of energy: The energy cannot be created or destroyed?


It means the amount of energy is constant in isolated system. It also means that energy has no beginning nor an end. It existed before everything and the matters is the change form of energy….

Now can you believe that a substance (some might wanna call it God) existed before everything exist and the matters is formed as the change of the substance (some called it based on his image)

I’m sorry for my bad english but i think you can get the idea. Thanks 🙂


i think your english is very good

to me, the energy evolved, just like eveyrthing else did
i think just like the planets , it formed to what it is, from energy converging and joining together, and this evolved to what it is now, and is probably stil evolving, same as al life is

i dont think of it as a ‘god’
just a ‘creator’ in the least sence
it creates life, or other energy,

alsio, i think the enrgy does change, just like evolution in animals, eventually a new species aoooccurs, its just as liekly new energy forms too, and adds to this already existing energy, changing it, evolving it a little bit more


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