my aura is mainly green but sometimes when i’m looking at it theres tons of red all around it and i mean it fills the whole bathroom mirror. (which is pretty big, not super big but its not one of those small ones) so is that stuff coming from me or what? or is it just… idk. everywhere or my eyes are playing a trick on me. do you ever notice something similar?
stfu. i know they’re real because i see them. and you would too eventually if you practice.
in fact i taught my best friend to see auras in what- 15 minutes?

auras are colors that surround a person. they also surround objects but its not the same. and its supposed to tell you about the persons personality but i don’t really look much into that. i think its just easier to tell people’s favorite colors that way because someones favorite color is usually the color thier aura is.

like blue things have orange auras and vise versa. yellow has purple purple has yellow. if you practice on colored objects at first (they’re easier to see than the auras of than people) and get good at that then you can start reading the auras of people
its not emitting from any part of the body. I just look at my normal aura and everywhere all around it is red. like theres no place outside my normal aura where it isn’t red.
(if by deep you mean dark then no its just kinda regular red, thats of course kind of clear)