since i was a kid i would every now and then (as i was falling asleep) feel this powerful vibration/buzzing coming over my body. i would be conscious during it, but my body would be temporarily paralyzed. it would scare the hell out of my so i would be trying as hard as i could to call for help, but all that could come out is a moaning sound. i’ve heard myself do it while it was happening and i later asker my girlfriend and she heard me doing it but figured i was talking in my sleep. i then took control again about 10 secs or so after it happened.

ive done prior research on the topic of astral projection, a few months ago, and it explained initial vibrations (described exactly how i felt them).

everytime it happens its such an intense and powerful, yet scary as hell feeling, yet im very intrigued by it since its like nothing ive ever felt before. can someone fill me in more on what this is? what it is that brings these sensations on and what would happened if i followed it out instead of fighting it? thanks a lot