Jen – i speak from personal experience , you speak from fashionable celebrity magazines and the latest “fad”. There is a deep science of yoga, it is rooted in hinduism. This is a particular type of yoga that is bad for you wghich you don’t have a clue about.
This type of yoga is more advanced than the “hatha yoga” normally practised by women. It involves special breathiing exercises and what are called “bandhas” which you don’t need to know about if you are just doing stretching exercises
Job – what has christianity to do with this? And it can be spelt either way, my friend!
also spelt Qigong as well (check on google)
Home – Yes, you are right about Christianity being the only way. Spiritual growth can only come through love of others, not physical exercises done on your own which destroy the whole nervous system. I said that to the other answerer because he was mocking what I was warning about and saying I was speaking only as a Christian who had no personal knowledge of what I was talking of.
I wish I’d have stuck to Christianity, instead of searching elsewhere.