Are we as Christians really part of the Occult?

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Everyone keeps saying that Christianity is the Occult and that we practice occult teachings. When i ask them why, they say that beliefs in the supernatural is what being in the occult is. They also say that prayers to supernatural beings is the same as incantations or spell of black magic which is also the occult. They also claim that Occult means hidden and unknown and since we believe in beings that are hidden and unknown that again makes us part of the occult. So fellow Christians what do you think of all of this?


The word occult can have many meanings. In the context of the supernatural, I believe it means, hidden. Having been a spirtualist and tarot card reader and now a spirit-filled (born again) Christian, I can testify to the two forces at work in our world. One spirit force works in the dark and hidden and acts as a counterfeit to the light and overt work of our Holy Spirit. This is not new and has been going on in our World since the fall of Adam and Eve. Satan is a deciever who’s native tongue is the language of lies (John 8) and he roams the earth (with the rest of the fallen angels) trying to entice people’s spirits to himself.

Many people get involved in occultic practices without seriously thinking about the force behind them. Often they are disguised as being for the benefit of people eg enlightenment, healing, hope for the future, comfort for the grieving. This is what attracts people to get involved. The problem is, the force behind it has an ulterior motive – the father of lies, the devil, wants to get into your spirit. If the person acting in the realm of the supernatural cannot declare that the power behind what they’re doing is Jesus Christ, then to whom do they attribute the power to? Themselves? Angels? A wee lucky charm? Crystal Ball?
This is the difference between Christians and all other supernatural practices. We know and Love our Creator and acknowledge all Power and Glory to Him.

The Christian practice is to Love. First to Love our Lord with all our Heart, all our soul, all our mind and with all our strength and secondly, to Love our neighbour as ourself. It is not to cast spells, look into the unknown, become enlightened or at one with the world or to charge money to heal.

My experience has shown me that the supernatural is real, very real and you could not be a Christian if you do not believe in the Holy Spirit for Jesus himself taught about it. He also taught about the dark forces at work in this world. It’s all there in the bible. Witches, Necrmancers, diviners and more have been around for thousands of years. To say that Christianity is the Occult, i’m afraid is an uninformed and twisted statement.

My friend, Jesus himself was accused of working for the devil (Matthew 12:24) when he healed a blind and mute man. The Pharisees claimed that he drove out demons in the name of Beezlebub, the prince of demons and not by The Holy Spirit. Jesus goes onto warn that anyone that speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come (Matthew 12:32). This is quite a warning for anyone who accuses the work of the Holy Spirit to be of another force. As Jesus said, why would Satan want to drive out demons? They are his destructive force. Only Christ, by his Spirit can do this.

Ok, so this is a little long winded – but it’s so serious. I was heavily involved in the occult and it was hideous. It masked as light to begin with and got pretty dark. When I gave my life to God, it took nine years to become filled with the Holy Spirit – that’s how muddied I’d become. I cannot tell you how amazing my life is now I know Christ. Not that I thought my life was bad before, it just wasn’t amazing. I thought I knew about the supernatural before but now I realise I was acting in the paranormal. Now, I know the enormity of the supernatural and it blows my mind.

God is Love and anyone looking for the perfect Love should ask God to show him/her. It’s easy, just say – “God will you show me what this crazy person is going on about – will you show me you and your Love.”

Keep close to the Lord when dealing anything to do with the dark forces of the world and clothe yourself with the Armour of the Lord (Ephesians 6:10) beforehand.

Before getting involved in alternative practices, consider the force behind it? Research it first.

God Bless.

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