Are we as Christians really part of the Occult?

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Everyone keeps saying that Christianity is the Occult and that we practice occult teachings. When i ask them why, they say that beliefs in the supernatural is what being in the occult is. They also say that prayers to supernatural beings is the same as incantations or spell of black magic which is also the occult. They also claim that Occult means hidden and unknown and since we believe in beings that are hidden and unknown that again makes us part of the occult. So fellow Christians what do you think of all of this?


Incantation is much different than prayer.

Prayer is directed to God.
Incantations are directed to spirits in rebellion to God

Prayer has, as it’s ultimate goal, to bring about the will and pleasure of God regarding a situation
Incantation has, as it’s ultimate goal, rebellion to God through seeking power or information by sources that are evil.

To say that prayer to God and incantations to demons are the same is to so oversimplify the two things that if you were to take that oversimplification into other areas of life a person would end up thinking that a flu shot is equally invasive and harmful as being injected with arsenic because they both involve needles and a substance being delivered through them.

A person may not like Christianity but they should recognize the fundamental differences between that and the occult.

The occult seeks to emulate much of what we find naturally through God but using evil sources and to evil ends.

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