Are chakra and jutsus real?In other seen in Naruto.?

QuestionsAre chakra and jutsus real?In other seen in Naruto.?
Denny Alamsyah Gindo Staff asked 10 years ago

Im so eager to become a ninja but i’m wondering weather its all real and can i adapt it!If anyone out there posseses such power naruto me!

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Denny Alamsyah Gindo Staff answered 3 months ago

i’am like’s ninja the best..
what you name?

Thestril Staff answered 3 months ago

No. Ninjas aren’t like that. Sorry. Very disciplined martial artists, focusing on speed and agility.

A chakra is real, it is an energy point in the body. They are used in meditation and gathering energy, as well as regulating the flow of chi through the body. The concept is used in all martial arts, as well as indian meditation.

The hand things are bulls**t, as are the crazy powers.

Tenzin Staff answered 3 months ago

Being a ninja might sound great but in reality it is not feasible. You can however study martial arts and become really great at it and that can lead you to different routes such as being a teacher, or maybe a secret agent (sort of a modern ninja don’t you think?)

Chakras are certain real and yogis often have great control over them but it take years and years of practice, and I do not mean 5 years or 10 years but more like 30 years. The control of chakras also doesn’t let you throw flames out of your palm, but is more of a mindset. For instance learning how to control your heart beat, learning how to withstand extreme cold or heat. If you are willing to invest time and effort to do that, then the first thing to do is educate yourself through established resources and find a legitimate person who practices this not as a hobby but as a life practice.

Lexie Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi There!

What an interesting question. Chakras are real to some people. I have synethesia (I see sound. Apparently my senses got a little mixed up when I was in the womb medically but I think it is a gift from God!) so I see a lot of energy moving around. Chakaras are more of a personal belief – but no, you can’t shoot fire out of your hands when you master them.

There are seven Chakaras in the human body, and when you have control of that energy you can control what they control. For example, if you were to master your heart chakara you could slow down or speed up your heart rate at will. That has been scientifically proven. This is a very in depth topic and I suggest that you research it to reach your own conclusions!

Jutsus? Nope, totally fictional.:) (As far as I know) Fun to think about though! I disagree with the previous posters however on choosing to be a ninja as a profession. Not exactly practical, but technically you could join a Buddhist monastery that relies on martial arts for meditation. I’ve seen documentaries on it, and they are how I would imagine a ninja would move. You might have trouble fighting with that knowledge for anything but self defense in a monastery, however!

I hope that helps.

All The Best,

Jabariharper Staff answered 3 months ago

Is just us really real if it is can you please show

Naziah Blanding Staff answered 3 months ago

So shadow clones do not exist??

Branden M Staff answered 3 months ago

I think chakras would be the closest thing to anything that would give you the power to control a “jutsu” through the human body alone. Chakras are energy based so if one could truly master the transfer of energy throughout all his/her chakras who knows what could be possible? There was a baby born who medically proclaimed has a third chromosome and is completely fine so maybe human beings are evolving? Right now we are discovering many things about science and technology and learning at a rate more than 3 times faster than we were just 1000 years ago. maybe one day things like this will be possible.

ethan Staff answered 3 months ago

Actually jutsus are kink of real just study kuji-in it will teach you to control your chakaras but you will not be able to breath fire out of your mouth but you can still do amazing things.

Mitul Staff answered 3 months ago

I’ve heard this for the first time that someone can see sound and even though its fr the first time, i actually believe you. Its just that I’ve never met or seen anybody with such an ability so can you please tell me everything about it. I’m actually into music but unlike you the sounds effects that I hear create kind of a mental image in my head. So if i have to make a tune, its more joining pieces of a mental image in sequence. If the picture is done, so is the tune ready…

Steel Staff answered 3 months ago

Like what?

Martin Oo Staff answered 3 months ago

I think maybe we are given things at birth to suppress our abilities

unknown Staff answered 3 months ago

no because its not physically possible you cannot make another copy since it does not defy the laws of physics. even if you were able to do it, it would lower your life spam

unknown Staff answered 3 months ago


unknown Staff answered 3 months ago

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