A practitioner is not a shaman. A shaman doesn’t choose on there own to do it. You go through an illness. I went through this as a little girl. I was bed ridden for a month. Then I started to here voices in the walls of my home and I suddenly saw an old women hung. CREEEPY! They say that I was chosen because of my twin brother who died in the womb and his death somehow gave me a connection to the afterlife.

Any other TRUE shamans out there who understand what I’m talking about? Also any website forums of a sort for us?

P.S. I have had my mental health checked and am completely healthy. If you don’t believe me then don’t waist a moment of your precious time to comment. Thank you.
Your right no one is completely healthy. I’ll admit I have my ups and downs I know that.
P.S. Sorry parish I don’t believe in god. But hey maybe you can enlighten another soul : )