by Bastian:

I have been studying Pagan religions, and Wicca sort of appeals to me. I haven’t yet decided if I am going to follow it, but I just wondered if there are any good sources I should check out?

I checked out Witchvox and never realised how many Pagans there were around the world!
Wow! I didn’t expect to have so many answers so quickly!

Thanks for the heads up on the Wicca for Dummies, I have seen it a few times in Waterstones, and a friend recommended The Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft as well.
Thank you Willow, vorlon and Sapphyre, I’ll bear those in mind!
Thank you BlueManticore, I have some of Scott Cunningham and Ray Bucklands books, The Solitary Wiccans Guide being the first one I bought!

A friend of mine on here has told me about a group of books entitled The Sun, Moon and Star Witches written by Linda Winstead-Jones, and has told me they are great read.

Thanks Ashley K, I might do that!

I’m glad to have been instrumental in your 2 points, bavwill.
Thanks Epona, I have read a few of your comments before and I totally agree with you. I have seen users on here who are a little… controversial. I know Pagans are not all the same. It’s what makes them so interesting!
Thanks Amy, Thats more books to buy! I’ll have a veritable library soon! I have Cunninghams book, and it is really good.
Dr Zoom Zoom – I think I’ll make up my own mind. I am by no means into forced sex or masochism, though I have heard there is a tradition that is. ‘Frostie’ Wiccans I think they are called, though I’m not sure. Whoever they are, I wont be joining them!

william c – I don’t believe in the Bible, and never will, but thanks anyway.

rationalist – I have been thinking of getting the Farrar’s book, I might look into it.

Seph – Thanks, I agree, I’m not sure I want a teacher or to be in a coven or group, but meeting other Wiccans/Pagans would be great.
emski – Thanks, I know there are some bits of… questionable info out there, and many covens are different from one another.

Answer by Lt. Crumple
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