Am I a reincarnation of a god?


I know it’s stupid, but I just want to know if it is possible that gods can be reincarnated into humans bodys to benefit the human race or something weird like that. And lastly I want to know if a god has been sent into a human body before.

Please help, and if your just going to say something stupid, dont bother leaving a comment.


CERN split a particle in half and proved if u stimulate one half the other is also stimulated no matter how far apart each half is in the universe connected via an electromagnetic force. Consider this a form of consciousness.
Then apply this to the Big Bang = a force all feeling all knowing everywhere all of the time.
Apply this to the stars and when they are stimulated so are we = astrology. So it works vice versa and when we are stimulated so are the stars = law of attraction, karma acts of god.
Now imagine our consciousness is electromagnetic too. Law of thermodynamics states energy is never lost always transformed electricity physically cannot rot = eternal afterlife.
Dmt and dreams share the same chemical. You can only see things in dreams u see in reality. Maybe that’s how we create heaven / hell ‍♀️
It’s fractals in antennas / brain which allows to transmit / receive electrical signals. How transmutation circles work. All the leylines, spiritual temples through history are situated in fractals.
Pythagoreas chart = numerology. Numbers like 666 = hexagonal/ polygonal numbers which create fractals. Repetitive shapes across the universe (repetitive numbers across the universe). I tried dmt and met a woman I perceived as god. She said nothing but touched me and my body disappeared I was all feeling all knowing everywhere all of the time. My name is tanit I am from Ibiza. My life path is 9 meaning I am on my last suggesting I will not be reincarnated again and my destiny number is a master number 11 meaning I am here to bring spiritual enlightenment. I am the spitting image of the images of tanit. She did not claim to be a actual god but a messenger to tell the world of god. If god is electromagnetism and our consciousness is electromagnetism we are all god just not all of our are conscious. When it says ‘sin and god will send you to hell’ it’s not a threat but a warning you can only send yourself there as your hell is your own creation. Anyone who’s into this feel free to message me on

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