about consciousness and memories after we die? how?


do these carry over? how exactly is it guaged – for example, do we go to the highest state of euporia we attained in life or…how does that work exactly – and how is consciousness carried over in this state – seems a little confusing to me


Well nobody knows for a fact what happens to your consciousness after you die. However the many cases of NDE’s and OBE’s show that it could be possible that it continues after our bodies die. OBE’s have been researched, they are genuine and can be repeated in the lab.

Animism has over a period of 60’000 found ways of inducing an OBE using sound. Specifically drumming at 2 beats per second. There is also the Egyptian and Buddhist books of the dead that describes the whole process of the fall and rise of our consciousness, that leads to us being reincarnated.


Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

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