2012 planet earth is revived crop circles are messages?


“You killing your planet. Your planet is dying.”

The crop circles is related to mayan beliefs and calendar

The greys are abducting people to teach us to save our planet.
Have u had a change of heart lately? Decided to get solar power? Have done something to help the enviroment?

U probably have been abducted.

When dec 21st 2012 comes our planet will be revived its our job to preserve it


‘–“The crop circles is related to mayan beliefs and calendar”

Good. That means that they too are fake.

The “Mayan belief” about the calendar come from a charlatan (first name José) who invented the lie, about the end of the Mayan calendar, in a book he wrote in the late 1980s.

To make his book more interesting, José also claimed to be a reincarnated Mayan priest (he is not — he was born in Minnesota).

José is the “Mayan” who invented the Mayan beliefs that are used in the Big 2012 Hoax.

However, he is not the one who created the whole Big 2012 Hoax. That was done (in the summer of 2003) by other charlatans, who had made money from their earlier hoax: Planet X.

Most of us died around May 13, 2003, when Planet X passed too close to Earth. All, except the ones who purchased the books (sold by the charlatans) on how-to-survive.

After May 2003, the books were not selling so well. The charlatans needed a new hoax and they took the date from José’s lie.

For the rest, they took old hoaxes (such as the crop circles), lies and stories that already existed (but had nothing to do with 2012). They changed them to fit their new hoax.

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