….. Is it just me, or does this seem like a load of crap?

I NEVER watch the Tyra Banks Show … BUT i was flipping the channel and this caught my eye.

WHY is she promoting children and teens with undiagnosed psychiatric disorders as if they have some kind of “psychic gifting”?

These girls claim to see “apparitions” and “dead people” even speaking with them; see “auras” and can use supernatural powers to heal people OR to see the future.
These girls are all either preteens or in their early teens.

Now, i do believe in the supernatural (i.e, God, Heaven and Hell etc) BUT … all of this New Age nonsense about seeing and hearing spirits et cetera is clearly indicative of early symptomologies of schizophrenia. IF these girls claimed to see “Angels and Demons” they would be on medication; but they are claiming to see dead relatives and have “psychic visions” … so why are they being praised for it?

One young girl is claiming to see spirtis and spirit guides at least 10 times a day. She even gives them names. That definitely fits the criteria of a schizoactive disorder.

Is it just me? Or are these girls in need of treatement not praise for their mental breakdowns?

I probably should’ve asked this in: Social Science > Psychology but i figured i’d get better responses in R&S.

Also, as mentioned I do believe in the supernatural to some extent; but there is a major difference between supernatural beliefs and psychotic disorders.
*edit* I would have to agree … all of this New Age, Humanistic Highly Occultic Philosophy of Psychics and Tarot Cards and Astrology and Fortune Telling …. is a load of hogwash, and the most ridiculous and illogical thing I’ve ever heard of, plain and simple.
*edit* TomR: Well, honestly I am not so very big on Televangelists, though I am a Christian. And in all honesty prayer is not of the same essence as talking to imaginary people through auditory and visual hallucinations.
When we pray, we pray to the unseen Eternal .. we do not “see” or “hear” him.
These girls are experiencing delusions and hallucinations, which isn’t the same thing as closing your eyes and bowing your head.

In any case, i am certain that some evnagelists do have schizophrenic tendencies, but so do some people of other faiths also. And as mentioned, praying in faith isn’t the same thing as holding a conversation with an “apparition.”
*edit* George … i thank you for taking the time to answer, but i would have to disagree with you. Also, i do not think that the general population hears voices; and i most certainly would know if i ever had, which i haven’t.
So, that doesn’t make sense … how can you say, that people hear voices, they just don’t know it? I don’t understand that.
Also i do not believe that “the scriptures” attest to mental disorders as the status quo. I am not mocking anyone with such an illness, rather just disagreeing with you in this area.
As for trying to “talk to them” … no thanks. I am assuming you mean spirits (angels/demons?) in which case … you should brush up on your knowledge of scripture. We are not to entertain the occult or it’s practices.