Tokio Hotel family: what's all this about a stalker gang harassing tokio hotel?





so, those girls sent threatening letters and harassed family members? I read bill and tom’s mom got assaulted! Is this true? And that tom punched one of the girls after she put out a cigarette on his car? What’s going on?
I’m confused I need accurate answers!


  1. perez faggot hilton is making Tom seen like the bad guy- DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!
    With that being said, yes it is true, These girls have been following the band for half a year. Have you heard about back when Tom yelled at a fan? I have a feeling that this may be the same girls with some twisted plan to get him back. Go to this site and read the entire blog:
    Their manager/producer has confirmed this has happened
    Edit: Please Everyone sign this petition to support Tom:
    The goal is to reach 1000 signatures
    And here to join a group called “1000 strong with the Tom Kaulitz case!!” if you can please, anything to help him:

  2. yes that’s true but the girls had been stalking/threatening him and his family for a while and it got to him i guess
    i clicked on the links form the TH official page and im scared seriously.the things that they wrote on bolgs or whatever are creepy.they even said they killed someone!wth!?even my friend (who isnt a big fan of TH) was freaked…

  3. this honestly is true. it was reported several days ago that Tom punched a girl outside a gas stationg. it then came out in an official statemnet from David Jost (tokio hotels manager) about what had happened. many pages from the girls blogs and myspaces were found. the girls call themselves “the Afghans on Tour” and they have stalked and harrassed Tokio Hotel (especially Bill and Tom) for the past 6 months. they have assaulted the twins mother and charges are being pressed against them about that. they have stood outside the twins houses in masks and headscarves and sent threatening messages (along the lines of “WE ARE NOT HAPPY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND US?” and said that they would be tokio hotels little nightmare) they have also harrassed the twins friends and neighbors. the night of Tom hitting the girl he was at the gas station and she came up. i do not believe AT ALL she just said “may i have an autograph?” and i do think he recognized her and got extremely afraid. consider what hes had to go through because of them for 6 MONTHS!! especially after his mother being assaulted like that. more information is being found and you should join and check out the thread we have on it.
    David has made a statement saying that even though Tom did do this he would never hurt an actual FAN. these girls are not fans they are stalkers and they need to stop.

  4. It is also unlikely that staff or the owner of the gas station were looking for media presence in this situation. It is also unlikely that a whole camera team was their ‘by coincidence’ at the right time, in the right place.
    Where did the press get their information?
    This question is especially interesting when one knows that the ‘victim’ is notorious in france as a hardcore/an obnoxious stalker.
    According to several people who know the ‘victim’, she and some of her friends didn’t just move to Hamburg from France, but they looked for a residence in the same street as the Kaulitz twins lived at the time.
    According to rumor the constant presence of this clique was the reason the twins left their residence there – and then the girls also started looking for a new residence, again very close to their idols.
    But just being in close geographical proximity was not enough for the ladies. If we are to believe our informant, they bothered the brothers every free minute they had, followed them in their car, every step they took, and camped out in front of their front door.
    They didn’t even shy away from dangerous overtaking manoevres to photograph Bill behind the wheel, from a moving vehicle. [BITCHES! They want him to end up like Lady Di?] They also got into it verbally and violently with the twins’ mother, and were sued for it.
    They didn’t leave normal neighbors alone either, but abused them with screaming and provocations to move their car, so that they would have a better view to watch the Kaulitz brothers and to block their way out.
    Their countless ‘trophies’ in the shape of pictures the clique proudly displayed – now taken down from the net without exception – on their blog entries, in which they called their activities ‘playing catch’. Together with the line ‘You can’t get away…’ under these pictures, they give the impression of an unhealthy obsession.
    According to several witness reports, polite attempts to make these ladies understand that their permanent present wasn’t welcome, reinforces this impression {that about the unhealthy obsession, sorry for the clumsy translation} and makes it possible to assume that their looking for attention would possibly not have stopped before any press contacts.
    When we look at the situation again with this history in the back of our minds, it’s rather unlikely that Tom Kaulitz would have thrown a cigarette stub at them on purpose and looked for a direct confrontation with them. It is much more likely that the group followed him to the gas station and got closer to the care without being noticed at first.
    That he didn’t react well to new harassment and bothering and that his hand slipped after the young French woman vandalized his car, is not something that should be excused, but it is something that is understandable.
    Even people who didn’t approve of his reaction on one side (”One doesn’t hit women”), admit that on the other side, under pressure of constant harassment from pushy fans and stalkers, people can react out of proportion.
    This is the concensus most people can agree with, because after all Tom Kaulitz is one in a long list of celebrities who in face of constant being followed – by fans or papparazzi – temporarily lost their composure.
    There is more information on the website below in the source section of my answer.
    How can these crazy girls even consider themselves fans?! They even still believe they will one day be their girlfriends!
    They are sick! 🙁
    Poor Tom.. ♥

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