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To you, which signs give off a negative energy/vibe and which give off a positive energy/vibe?

For example no matter what negative mood i’m in whether grumpy, tired, stressed, upset…leos know how to make me smile/laugh and put me in a better mood. Whereas other signs might make my bad mood worse or have no effect on me at all. Or i can go from being totally happy to miserable depending on that person. Signs might not have anything to do with it, but whatever. 🙂


  1. Squares in synastry cause that “nasty” vibe your talking about, but to learn how that really works, you ‘re going to have to reach beyond the sun sign thing.
    Accentuate the positive. Virgo always makes me laugh. Taurus are relaxing company.
    But no Sign makes me miserable just being around them….maybe I just don’t work that way.
    *If you look at the Sun signs people list, and those they get along with, you can see a pattern of trines and sextiles….those they list as giving off the “bad” vibes are generally Sun square Sun.*

  2. For me personally, I get the happiest vibes from my fellow fire signs(Aries/Leos/Sagittariuses) and fellow mutable(Geminis/Virgos/Sagittariuses/Pisces) signs. They seem to make me feel comfortable and free to be able to have a great time without this judged feeling.
    Now the sign that make me feel awkward and loose a brightness might be…Scorpios/Libras. Unless like you said, it’s just those certain few that has that effect.

  3. i agree with you! i don’t know if it has anything with astrology either but for me…
    virgos if i am already in a bad mood or stressed out they make it worse!
    leos most leos i know can make me smile or laugh even when i don’t want to. its weird. :S
    pisces can do one of two things. if i am moody they can find right buttons to push to completely annoy the hell out of me. if i am upset or depressed the ones i know just having them around is a comfort but if i am in a great mood then having the ones i know around can sometimes be a downer.
    geminis seem to always give me a peaceful feeling they can calm me down when i am either stressed or hyper.
    saggies that i know can make me smile no matter what my mood. cancers that i know do the same for me.

  4. Positive happy vibes come from sagattarius, or gemini oh and aries…they always put me in a good mood =)
    Negative would be scorpio’s (usually women, guy scorpios are chill) and maybe taurus…


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