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To you think the essence of true reality comes more from the conscious mind or the subconscious mind?

I mean ‘DO you think…’


  1. I think true reality is something none of us actually experience. The most “real” realities are still based on beliefs and faith of some sort in any type of path to “success”.
    Make sense?

  2. No, true reality comes from outside of conciousness, what is around us.
    We may be able to harness the external, internally, but what you see is what you get.
    Of course What is After is Unknown.

  3. Well I can’t be certain because I don’t even know if this is reality or wether my mind actually exists. Sure we exist in our terms and such but then again. But if I am answering your question in another fashion I would say it comes from both otherwise one cannot be fully aware of the other.

  4. Reality comes from the conscious mind. If you have some mental issues, this may not be true but for the majority of people it is true. We rely on logic in our conscious minds. An example would be that I get my photo taken and the photographer says I’m beautiful enough to be a high fashion model. Logically and in my conscious mind I understand that it isn’t true but just a compliment.


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