To Wiccans, Druids, and Shamans: Do you look down on eclectic Pagans?

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There seems to be some disrespect in the Pagan communities for those who do not align themselves with a specific group. If through our studies, we do not see a path that clearly defines what we believe, and choose to remain electic, are we automatically considered “less than” by those who do choose an established path?

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Heathen Princess HPFBD

It depends on the person.
If I meet an eclectic who bases thier entire faith around a bunch of UPG and crap they learned on the internet, yeah I look down on them. If you don’t care enough about your gods to learn about them, thier culture and thier people, then they aren’t all that important to you now are they?
edited to add: Eclectics don’t bother me (not well read and educated ones anyhow) because they claim to be just what they are. What I DO hate is when someone says they are Asatru but “work with” Isis as well.
Sorry, no you aren’t and DON’T claim our path if you don’t follow it.


I’ve wandered down many different Paths, no lable has my exact fit so, I’m now a self declared “Mystic”. THAT fits!


Whoa!! There’s really shamans and druids? Thought they were just a fairy tale. Hey e-mail and tell me more about druids and shamans. Sorry i couldn’t answer your question though 🙁


Not at all.. for me up until know, I still have no Idea which path suits me best. I assume the paths faery, hedge, shaman.. to me they all cross at one point. I don’t see the point in trying to limit yourself to one path.


You mean, in the way that different Christian sects tend to look down on someone who says he/she is “just a Christian” and doesn’t claim a denomination?
I thought you Pagans were supposed to be “above all that”…but I see that the need to be “better than you” is universal…
I think that makes me feel better about being what you would probably call an “eclectic Christian”…
Blessed be!!


No, but it’s my personal opinion that one shouldn’t cross pantheons, if they have any respect for the Gods at all. By “Cross pantheons” I mean in circle or during ritual.


As an Eclectic Pagan, who was taught by a woman who had been a Pagan for almost 40 years, I believe that whatever fits into your own personal belief system is correct for you.
No one should look down on anyone else as we don’t understand “where they are coming from.” Put another way, no one can live your life except you and no one can tell another what to believe.
I have been a part of a few groups who are full of Pagans/Wiccans from many Traditions. We all respect each others path, taking part in learning as much as we can to understand what they believe in. But, we NEVER try to change someone’s mind, as we are not that person and we can not live the same life they have lived. Each individual has to know themself above all else. Once you are able to look at yourself honestly, you will know which path, if any, to follow.
I have studied religion, Christian and other, for over 35 years. I’ve found that I could not be part of any one Tradition because of my background. That is my personal choice and no one can tell me that I am wrong because they have not lived in my body and mind.
Eclectic Paganism works just as well as any other Tradition. I have used many different Gods and Goddesses in my ritual working and have never had a problem. The whole trick is to be honest, open and try to stay as positve as you can.
I live my life as an Eclectic Pagan every day, not just for rituals, Sabbats and Esbats.
Good luck in finding your own path and never let anyone tell you you are in the wrong. We Eclectic Pagans are NOT less than anyone else.


We are only Human (even though I`ve met some who belive they are not) and are subject to all that entails.
The concept of “Pagan” is centered around the use of personal, local, and Family-related Gods, Spirits, and Practice.
“Eclectic” means one who draws from any concept or Path they desire, in any Way they desire, for as long, or as short as they desire.
So, your question is a personal one; “Do I, as a Wiccan, Druid, or Shaman, consider my Way better than the Way of others?”
My answer is; No, as relates to others. There is always room for personal improvement.
Good Luck finding your Way.


Pretty much what Heathen Princess said. I let them explain their beliefs first. There’s a difference between being educated about a variety of paths but finding that one specific one doesn’t exactly fit and just throwing together a bunch of bits of stuff without any real understanding of the cultures and religions they came from. I respect the first, but not the latter.


I’m guessing that you are wanting answers from Recons too.
I don’t automatically disrespect people who follow an eclectic path. But neither do I automatically respect them. Individuals earn my respect, or they don’t.
I like a structured path. I don’t expect everyone to feel that way. In fact, most of us will quickly tell you that a Recon path is NOT for everyone.
I respect people who are well-read and responsible. I respect those who are informed or who are honestly trying to learn. I respect those who know the difference between historical fact and UPG.
So there are eclectics that I respect and those that I don’t. By the same token, there are those on established paths that I respect and those I don’t. Just because someone self-identifies as a Pagan, doesn’t mean that I automatically respect or like them. I prefer to get to know people individually rather than make sweeping judgments.

Timothy A

More from a Recon perspective…
I don’t really have an issue with eclectics, and when I say eclectics, I mean real eclectics. In many ways, being eclectic is harder because it requires more research across more cultures, practices, and philosophies. The way some use the word (or misuse the word) is to mean a personal religion based on intuition and emotion.


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