(to wicans and or spiritualists) does the color of you aura change rappidly when you have many moodswings?





just wondering… mine was green earlier and now its purple, (i know purple means creativity and green means peacfulness and happines)
thanks… i guess when your going though hormonal changes your aaura color can change becauseof tha rapid personality changes… good answer dude


  1. Your aura is the in depth percepetion of who you truly are. The color represents your true color, not nessacariliy your favorite. Your mood shouldn’t affect your aura except when its really big. But he color change should change back afterwards.

  2. Yes your aura does change colours with your moods, and when we drink too much booze it gets holes in it..My High Priestess can see auras, and she can tell in an instant if you are telling lies or the truth as you aura will give you away…
    In Light… )O(

  3. yes it does change according to what we are doing or go through.
    you should go and see some one who is trained in
    Aura soma.

  4. There are many kinds of “aura” perception. Some kinds change every moment, some are always the same “color” and are that way because of the specific part of the person that is being viewed. According to certain ancient beliefs and traditions there are many bodies, one is entirely shadow, and another made of brightness, some have certain colors like violet, and some are brilliantly colored and everchanging. All of these are different ways of percieving the person, and are supposed to represent different things, the lifeforce, the soul, the spirit, the shadow, the heart and the even the mind and of a person at the time they are being viewed. Think of it like a snapshot photograph – your skin hair and eyes will appear a slightly different color depending on lighting and other environmental factors but they will also vary slightly depending on your state of health. The aura is even more volatile and transitory in it’s character.

  5. Ok ….. Auras don’t just change immediately .. takes at least about fifteen minutes to half an hour from my experiences ….
    I dug out my Aura charts …. and depending on the shade of green … Regular green relates to the heart and the lungs, healthwise … it signifies the comfortable and healthy color of nature . Usually means growth , balance, and upcoming change … A person with this aura loves people, animals, social, nature, and is good at teaching ……
    I could not locate a “Purple” on my charts at all .. However; I cam close with Lavender which is a person who is a daydreamer, visionary, and has a good imagination ….
    Now; If we include Violet … since I don’t know exactly what color that you saw …. it would indiciate a sensative and wise person …. intutiate, futuristic, a visionary who is artistic and has some magical qualities …
    God Bless ….

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