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To those who believe in reincarnation?

Do you believe that you know what it is that you are here to learn or accomplish in this current lifetime you are experiencing? What clues have lead to you think this?


  1. One straightforward statement that speaks directly to the idea of reincarnation is found in Hebrews 9:27-28: “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many” Without any vague terms, the writer of Hebrews explains that the general course of man’s existence is to taste death only once, and then be judged based on the actions that were accomplished in that one life. In order to underscore the number of times a person dies, the inspired writer declared that men die the same number of times that Christ was offered on the cross–only once. Such a statement goes a long way to prove that the Bible does not teach for reincarnation.

  2. reincarnation comes from the spiritual capital of the world India where they worship the sacred cow . do you think it should be called reincarnations evaporated milk ? oh well I suppose it a stretched point.

  3. i’d actually thought about this a lot.
    i think if you have an after life then there should be something before, which would spport reincarnation. But then i grew out of it..

  4. Yes.
    As for your second question that’s a long long story. You may wish to read up on Buddhism and find your own path to enlightenment.

  5. Permit me to give you the Sanathana Dharma perspective on this.
    Please pardon my not using the word “Hindu” which was a derogatory term used by the Persians to describe all East Indians as those on the wrong side of the River Sindh, the earlier border, back then. This was further perpetuated by the Muslims to convey more derogatory meanings and finally perpetuated by the British, albeit unwittingly.
    Were the Native Americans Red or even from India? No. Are the Native Australians justified in being offended with the term that the White Supremacist immigrants call them – “Abo”? Are the Native South Africans justified in being offended with the White Supremacist immigrants calling them “kaffir”? Then, am I not justified in asking people to use the right term in favor of the wrong one?
    Sanathana Dharma where this concept , admittedly, comes from is not a Religion but a Way of Life [the name, itself, translates as the Universal Path] and uses the logic of Science [contained in various texts like the Vedas] to explain certain conclusions drawn by it’s adherents. This is made available to all in compilations of a lot of Books that were generated over millenniums. Sanathana Dharma is over 60, 000 years, by the way. There is nothing that is forbidden in Sanathana Dharma, by the way, and certain practices like vegetarianism are recommended, based on certain perspectives where they leave it to you to follow or reject at your own cost and Free Will.
    I’ll come back to why I said this last thing, later.
    There are many things one can learn from Sanathana Dharma, considering there are the recorded accounts and formulations of so many hundreds of centuries material being made available to you; but, while this provides a great Opportunity to those who can use it, there’s also the risk of becoming a half read scholar and sinking into superstitions as many of our own people are doing, sadly.
    Little wonder that people who “Believe” and have “Faith” in their Books that tell them illogical things which were never proved nor could stand the test of logic … find it more convenient to mock us and try to shout us down. After all, that is the level of their intellect and the limit of their ability.
    Now, Sanathana Dharma says that God is that Stage or Phase which is beyond intellectual and physical perception [Deivehah nirguna, niraakara] and that we, you and I, are the Eternal Soul forever striving to return to it’s real form – the genderless, formless Totality of the Absolute.
    How do we conclude such a thing? Well, you start with a simple Process of Elimination and progress to a stage of Physics and Mathematical Formulas that need 16 decimal point accuracy computations to find out, if you can follow the tried and tested Path left for to you by the predecessors.
    Let me illustrate. Can God, who we presume made all these things, be a human?
    Evidently NO.
    Then, kindly let me know what is the justification of these “Wise People” telling me that God is a male, because their Book said so?
    If there is no human attribute possible, where is the question of a gender, and the male one one, to boot?
    Can this God be an animal, bird, insect, reptile, fish or amphibian?
    Fine, then, can this God be like an inanimate object like stone or even an Element like water, fire, air and ether?
    Well, we did get past a lot of things that God cannot be, but, we still haven’t even begun to go into the “Therefore, God can only possibly be …..”
    Now, does Deivehah nirguna, niraakara; or God is beyond intellectual and physical perception begin to make some sense to you?
    By following the formulas and studying the phenomena around us, we begin to see glimpses of the Absolute Totality.
    This is not everybody’s cup of tea, however; and most people drop out at this stage.
    Now, to make things much simpler, without going into the complicated formulas and why we need to do them, let me give you the simple conclusions that were obtained.
    We, which includes all animals, animate and inanimate objects, are actually the Eternal Soul, working our way towards going back to being our True Selves – the nirguna niraakara Deva or God.
    However, there is the persistent Maya [or the Illusion] that has us deluding ourselves that this transitory existence is the Truth.
    Our predecessors found 8 Bindings [called the Ashta Bandhanas] that hold us back and keep us from Liberating Ourselves [Nirvana].
    Hence, before we cross the threshold of relinquishing this body, we desperately try to return to this more familiar phase rather than face and delve into the vast Unknown and find the Eternal Truth.
    This is why we “Will” ourselves back into another form of this transitory existence to go through the whole gamut of experiences and finally start getting to identify that all this is not the Truth, a stage called Bairagya; when we begin to get to the Path of Moksha or Freedom..
    I hope I’ve been making sense so far; because, if these very simple and basic facts elude you, then, you cannot grasp the other more advanced methods.
    Ergo, Reincarnation is not the desirable thing, you see; Liberation is.
    Now, regarding the comment made of all of us worshiping the “sacred cow”, permit me to clarify one more gross misunderstanding.
    In the mid 1900s, a British Journalist covering a speech made by a pro-vegetarianism Vaishnav [ a sect of the Sanathana Dharma] Guru reported the story of how he replied a heckler who asked “What shall we do, then, with all those old cows, if we don’t butcher them?” with the question – “Would you sell your mother to the butcher because she is now old and can no longer be productive? The cow gave you milk when you were a baby, so how she any different to your mother? Do what you would do for your mother. Give her a decent burial or cremation after looking after her in gratitude for what she had done for you.”
    The British Journalist, I’m sorry I forget the name, captioned his front page box story with “Holy Cow” and that’s where it all began.
    It has no basis in facts and is the perpetuation of one persons misconception.
    Our people do not believe in forcing our opinions on others. Because we believe that those people are like three blind men who tried to describe an elephant.
    One, feeling the trunk, said “The elephant is like a great, big Hose Pipe!” and the other said “You are wrong!, it’s like a big strong Pillar!” because he was hugging the leg while the third said “Both of you are wrong. It’s like a giant Cauldron [very big pot]!” because he was groping around the belly.
    In the Totality of the elephant, all three of them were wrong, because it’s like all that and a lot more.
    However, insofar as their limited perspectives go, they were all correct, because that was all that they could “see”.
    Verily, there be none so blind as will not see.
    Why should we argue them when they live in a World of delusion of grandeur?
    Om Shanthi. [Peace]
    the Lone Wolf

  6. While the Bible does teach that reincarnation is not required of us, it does not rule out the possibility. It is appointed that all would die once: that does not mean we cannot choose to return, and I think it would be pretty typical of human nature for us to take the more difficult road even though Christ offers us a way off that treadmill.
    I have encountered a number of people in my life who seem strangely familiar. With some, it may be a suggestion of the Jungian idea of collective memory. For instance, one co-worker I used to get along with really well turned out to be of the same clan and from the same part of Scotland as my people were.
    But how do I explain similar familiar relationships with Korean, Jewish and Chinese people? In every case there has been this sense of having met before.
    Maybe we have.
    The bottom line is that if God is infinite, so are the possibilities open to us. It is we who make the arbitrary rules. God shows us a better way, and we for the most part wander off to persue our own desires.

  7. “Know”? Of course not; you can only learn the “what”, “how” and “why” by living it. Some come here/reincarnate, in order to accomplish more than one thing in a lifetime; and, actually do.
    According to a psychic who read my aura three different times, over the span of 5 years, told me the second time that, I had accomplished something and he didn’t explain, tell me what it was.
    How did he know this? According to him, whenever a purpose is accomplished and the individual is still living, a spray or what he called a “fleur”, appears atop their head in their aura: he drew a colored picture to illustrate it, and it looked just like a two pronged(if you will) fountain continuously shooting up in an auric spray.
    Yoga philosophy(Samkhya)states that when all desires(wishes to accomplish)have been realized, there’s no longer a need to reincarnate – we are then free to return to the source of our being/potential of becoming; or, should we so wish, then have the choice to reincarnate in order to help one(s) we love, or others care about, to realize themselves; so that they too can become free of the need to live again.

  8. It is strange that I chanced upon your question. I believe that I have gone through some seriously traumatic things in order to learn… and the more I overcome each test the more I am certain that I chose to undergo these trial-by-fire lessons at some point to obtain some limitless potential enlightenment, some ‘Nirvana’ if you will. What I am undergioing now is the transitional stage from sensuous and seductive woman in her prime to middle age fading beauty and beyond, and I am having a very difficult time with this I DON’T want to GROW OLD and I don’t know how I can handle the loss of my attractiveness to my husband, I wanted to be what he used to find irresistable ALWAYS and now I know he sees other woman that he thinks are prettier than me and though he is too good of a man to ever say it or ever cheat on me or treat me bad because of my looks, I stilll hurt every time I look in the mirror and see that I am on the downslope of my physical mountain and I need to see more clearly that there is some desirable destination on the other side… I can not seem to even gain a moment of peace and I don’t see any enrichment of my mind or my spirit as of yet. Maybe I am seeking too hard or looking in the wrong places. Maybe I will die without finding out what I am supposed to learn from this and I will have to live another life with the situation being my foremost lesson. I am really hoping that it won’t come to that. Please ask the powers to help me.
    Thank you for this. I have never shared this fear, this desperation that I feel with anyone, and it needed to be let out.

  9. I’m not completely sure. However I believe it has something to do with what is really important to me and the things in my life that I have struggled with over the years. Sort of a combination of things really. I know that this life has taught me sooo much, and it’s really only beginning. The honest truth is that I don’t think we’re supposed to know what “it” is exactly. In my opinion it would take all the excitement out of the journey. Three things in my life that have never ceased to amaze me are love, discovery, and challenges. I think those three things have a lot to do with it. For me at least. Bright Blessings to you and yours!

  10. I have not determined exactly what I was to learn but I have a good feeling. I feel as thought I was to learn to rise above shyness when I was a child. When I was a little older, I felt called to nature on a spiritual plane and to leave man’s beliefs behind. As a teenager I felt I was here for a larger purpose outside of the social norm. Nothing so grandiose as working for Greenpeace or becoming a politician, but something in my mind tells me I was a warrior at one point in time but learned to be a warrior or champion for the right things, not just because others said they were. I feel from my past that I was at some points a sheltered person and was never meant to work hard for the things I wanted but still wanted to. I felt early in my personal life that I was not meant to be a mother, but came to find out that there was a certain time I was to become a mother. During my whole young life, I had invisioned this person who was to be my future mate. I knew he would not be tall nor short, he would have dark hair, eyes, and an olive complexion such as Italians or Native Americans, and then I met my husband at age 24. I sort of knew what my children would look like before they were born as well and now that they are older they are really starting to look exactly as I had invisioned. I feel I was given this chance to find the real spiritual meanings and the true reason we are here. I feel that I had asked this question for years and years and now I am allowed to know the answer. I have also learned that the soul evolves and then so does the human form. But the soul or your spiritual self must learn and evolve first then your physical adaptations will form. I also feel at times that I must have been a vain person in an earlier reincarnation and that I have learned to look beyond personal beauty and be beautiful from the inside and reflect it through my spiritual to my physical. Even though I do not have the physical form of modern mans idea of beauty, I do tend to have facial, eye, and graceful movements that give that allure. Not regal, per say, but a beauty that brings out the beauty in others. I don’t know how else to put it. I also have a physical strength that is male like but not like a person that lifts weights and such. It is like I have no problem carrying almost twice my weight for repeated measures of time and not be tired. I also have prior knowledge of how certain things should be done or managed without ever learning them in this life. I feel these prior learned things were to be carried on to this life to help me learn a few more before my final reincarnation. I also feel that my final reincarnation will be my own great great grandaughter and not my grandson; not just because I am currently a woman, I just feel that there will be a reason I am to return then in female form. I know it sounds strange, but that is how I “see” my past and my future.
    Blessed be

  11. yes,I do… now.
    I was just remembering what I was going to send to a friend, but I’ll post it here:
    “On Oct. 6th ,2007, I made the conscious decision to leave christianity for good and all. I stumbled across a website,(that has since then been shut down,and a newer one in its place that requires a paid membership,but I have since kept the original bookmarked and can go back into it for recipes,and such,) that taught me alot about the path I had chosen.
    In it, it went on about reincarnation from a Wiccan point of view. It also asked a question: When you leave whatever pathway you are on,and decide to learn or become Wiccan,are you willing to open yourself up to a world that few know exist? Are you willing to broaden what you know,and learn ancient ways of wisdom,and to learn about magickal ways,and occurances that canmnot be explained by modern science? Are you willing to go forth on a journey that you will never regret? That you will learn on,and continute to learn on? One that will leave you in awe or the world around you,and the wolrd unseen? That you will feel what others may not feel,see what others can’t and know what others do not know? If so,are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?” I did not even have to think about it,as I gave a resounding YES!”
    This journey,has taken me far out of my comfort zone and enlightenmed my mind,put me in touch with my spirit and set forth a world in which I had thought only “other people” experienced.
    I,through this pathway,am now, one of “those other people.”
    I did not discover this realm or world of magick til I was nearly 30,but was taught and given the wrong info,but it did open my eyes to another realm in which I was very curious about,and wanted to learn more from. I redidicated my life to this pathway just under 2 years ago. I have not regretted it since.
    Been overwhelmed at times and questioned myself regarding certain matters, but truly never regretted this path I have chosen.
    Since then, on Jan. 18,I have had a vision,unlike the ones I had had since childhood.
    On jan. 22,it came to pass.
    Since then,I have had many such visions,and they,too,came to be.
    Through this new and exciting realm, I have grown,both spiritually and emotionally,in leaps and bounds,with the information I have been given.
    I have found and connected with people I knew in many of my past lives.
    I have connected with the man I had the vision about. I have found that he and I have had not one, but two past lives. I have found that this new life is one I was meant to find out about and I was told that the reason i was not allowed to go foreward when I was younger,is that I wasn’t prepared for it just then.
    So,yes, I know about reincarnation and am thrilled at the prospect of my next life,and I am having alot of help with this one,and not from a world you can see.
    Sorry for my long answer, but I sincerly mean every word.
    Oh,and in one of my past lives my close friend and I were lovers, yes we were gay men. San francisco, the 1800’s and in theater. I was an actor and she was my costume designer.

  12. I think I have a pretty good idea, but I don’t think anyone has total memory of the specifics. 🙂 I have a more Greek concept of reincarnation (ie: Plato) than is common among more Eastern belief systems.
    As an astrologer, I believe we chose the moment and place of our birth, and thus our entire astrological charts (not to be confused with newspaper horoscopes), which serve as a kind of archetypal map of the themes/issues we’ll be dealing with in this life. Each archetypal theme can be played out in an infinite number of ways, but it always sticks to the archetypes shown by the chart. I can deal with them however I like, but I will deal with those themes. 🙂


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