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To those in crystal metaphysics, can quartz amplify the energy of several different types of crystals at once?

I carry a bag with a combination of Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Aventurine to help attract money into my space. It’s my understanding that Clear Quartz works as an amplifier for other crystals. Can Clear Quartz amplify the combined energy of these crystals, or is it best to pair Clear Quartz with only one type of crystal at a time?
It was suggested for me to use Rose Quartz for self love, to love my self enough to feel deserving of abundance; Citrine to protect the abundance that is in my possession; and Aventurine to attract financial abundance.
Where can I find information on how to properly mix and match crystals? From what I’m hearing, appearently not all stones get along with each other, and some better than others.


  1. Any time any crystals are gathered together in one place they will amplify each other. All crystals conduct energy and will enhance each others metaphysical properties. Clear Quartz crystal has been said to be a great one for general purposes. Rose Quartz and Citrine are both in the family of quartz and will work very well together. The most important aspect of working with crystals is to set the intention for what you are wanting the crystals to help you with. With the ones you listed, I would think that you are making a power pouch for healing or personal protection/shielding.
    If nothing else, ask the crystals if they want to work together and work with you. Hopefully you can feel or hear the answer they give you.
    A good book on crystals metaphysical properties is Love is in the Earth by Melody. She has written out descriptions for hundreds of crystals.
    Added- I really have never heard of any crystals counteracting or interacting negatively with one another. Each crystal will enhance the other one, your intentions for using the crystals properties may be different and may not coincide well if your intentions are completely different.

  2. clear quartz is thought of as very programmable, so it’s not really an amplifier. It’s more of a clone. like a blank slate to fill its purpose, which here is to amplify the others.
    It’s not just carrying the crystals that helps it’s the energy you put into the crystals working for you.
    edit* milly
    they don’t HAVE to be cleansed that particular way, there a quite a few ways.

  3. Sometimes if you mix different types of Crystals they actually counter react and to energize the Crystals they have to be cleansed in water and left in the sun to recharge
    Love & Blessings


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