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To the time travelers: I think it's about time I asked a question about time and the spiritual meaning of time?

This question is for those who are spending time, wasting time or doing time..passing time, killing time or out of time..gaining time, losing time or stuck in time.. right on time, ahead of your time or whose time has not yet come…for those for whom it’s the end of time or the end times or the sign of the times…whether it’s the worst of times or the best of times, the right time, wrong time, first time, last time, high time, daytime, nighttime, or that time of the month…whether time flies or time marches on or time stands still…whether you have too much time half the time, or not enough time all of the time…whether the time is at hand for the hundreth time in your lifetime or you’re having the time of your life and there’s no time like the present time…whether you know that time after time, time will tell that it’s times like these that we need to take the time to turn idle time into quality time…
Throughout many spiritual teachings and religious mythologies the theme of time is repeatedly mentioned…what is the significance of this and what do you know of the nature of time?
I’ve heard it said that if we understand this aspect of reality we will realize our freedom from it and our freedom within it…is this true? Does this have anything to do with the wheel of karma or the cycles of re-incarnation or realizing our immortality?
I’ve heard it said that events are objects in time and our life-history is the form our body takes on within the dimension of Time…a singular event that spans an entire lifetime…and just as our physical body as an object is composed of smaller and smaller physical objects,i.e., organs, cells, molecules and atoms, so is our body as an event-in-time composed of smaller and smaller events and at the same time is part of larger and larger events/bodies…is this true and is this what is meant by the phrases ‘you are actions-within-actions in action’ and ‘all time is now’?
How can I shift my perspective and come to know myself in time? And is it possible to be in time and out of time at the same time, like the pilgrims who’ve seemingly learned to transcend? And if I transcend time enough times, will I live longer in time? Is this the secret to the fountain of youth?
And for the last time; is time like a river which we can let flow past us and/or let carry us? And if yes to either/or, then is it possible to move faster than the speed of time? Or move upstream or downstream ? Or branch off and travel alternate streams/histories…?
I wonder…
Kar: This one’s for you:


  1. total mindf uck question. i think ppl have gone insane thinking about things like this. i got mad respect for your brain.
    p.s. the guy below me is a f uckin idiot. way to start your answer with some lame joke about using drugs. f uck off loser!

  2. man hit it and pass…thanks dude (hits)…OK…i think time is just an unproven theory made up to explain why everything just doesn’t happen all at once.
    Though time wears this linear mask i sense that time has many faces and only a Truly naked soul can even come close to a fleeting glimpse of the expanse as a whole that which we just call Time. To me time is more than a quantity of something…more than a measurement…Time reaches out to me and welcomes back an old friend…
    wow, i’ve been reading your questions and seth and yodas’ remarks..(for some time now)…i’m glad there are some minds out there that are that brilliant to just be able to articulate thought processes this way. Everytime i read this page i feel like i’m rolling a handful of hundred sided dice and another facet faces up. yea…i;m blown away lol

  3. Awesome….. : )
    How can I shift my perspective and come to know myself in time?
    I loved every thought you brought up : ) (hugs)
    Even So…Becasue Eternity is so vast there are priorities to the consideration : )
    Dear Sister… I love to think about these things….for our Father inhabits Eternity….Yet He holds all the Times and the seasons in His power….
    And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father has put in his own power. Acts 1:7
    Luke 21:34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at ANY TIME your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so THAT DAY come upon you unawares.
    There are TWO HANDS on my WATCH…..’Any Time’ and ‘That DAY’ ….and I wanna Be AWARE…dear sister……. a~ ware …..may we b~ware of the a~ware *Smiles*
    EDIT: (( The night is far spent, THE DAY is AT HAND: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on THE ARMOUR OF LIGHT. Romans 13:12 ))
    Help me to help you to help them to WATCH : )
    “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” Mark 13:37
    Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. Luke 12:37
    This unique word for WATCH is γρηγορεύω (γρηγορέω) (grēgoreuō grēgoreō)
    1.) to watch
    2.) metaph. give strict attention to, be cautious, active
    2.a.) to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one
    It Pays to Give…..Strict Attention to the Words of Spirit and Life…. (Eternal Life)
    It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
    For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.
    Romans 8:2
    For TO BE carnally minded is death; but TO BE spiritually minded is life and peace. Romans 8:6
    To Be….or NOT to be….that is the question….or rather, which TO BE will WE BE ? *smiles*
    Edit: @ Christianman: Amen !… God exists in “all time” !…..so true….
    GOD is at an ALL TIME HIGH !….. : ) (For He is the most high and inhabits eternity. : )

  4. Time, interval between two events, is a mental construct, quieten the mind, time is off! Then, things/events/people exist eternally right here and now, making memory redundant.

  5. Is there time for time out. The infinite time within the wheel of life having birth life and death inspire enlightenment. For the eternal karmie one must pass on to the nearly born the magic time line contained with the spiritual wisdom from the dieing mind.

  6. Anything you want can only be acquired through time. The only instrument mankind has (brain) creates the wants, and facilitates ”planning to acquire those desires” and ”the drive to act”. The brain is the instrument, and it only operates through time. The etymological root of the word “time” is di-mon (from the root da [to cut] + ‘mon’ [mind])..For the mind to be free of time means the brain has to be able to operate free from the influence of memory (e.g. past/future).
    Everybody falls for a charmer sometimes. Generally the charmer builds the trust of their victims by purposefully gratifying the victim for as long as it suits their ambitions. The victim puts trust in the charmer over time, becoming more certain of the charmers sincerity because of memory. Similarly: the brain remembers the actions of the hapless nerd. Can you imagine feeling romantic feelings about your sister or father? Of course not, memory tells you its wrong. So the brain operates against the backdrop of memory: that is why we get fooled by the charmer, and also why we get permanently disgusted by people who seem needy.
    A person may be a charmer now, but in 10 years they maybe different. Yet our memories won’t allow us to re-invest trust in them. Similarly, we can’t imagine a needy person changing their spots, but most people eventually mature.
    Thus the human brain finds it incredibly difficult to even consider being free. Your brain cannot be free without droping the very notions which are the foundations to your psyche. If you push yourself into a corner enough, there is a good chance you may flip and end up in a lunny bin. Freedom offers detachement from self, but self is necessary to operate in society. So even if you become free from self, memory must still be availible to remain cordial with society.
    What you are asking about in this question is to be free, timeless, immortal. These things you cannot have because you don’t exist as a solid eternal unchanging being; like a flower, there must be blooming, wilting/withering and recycling. The moment freedom touches you, there will be no more you.
    I am choosing my words to bring into consideration the question: “is there anything eternal that is unchanging?”
    The universe is always changing. Everything in it is always changing. Thus one thing that doesn’t change is that change is always happening.
    The human brain is built upon the foundation of the experiences one has as a baby, child, teenager, and finally adult. There is always change, although the greatest change happens at the beginning and at the end (alzheimers). It is the continuity of that change which defines the landscape of your brain: just as water cuts a path down the mountain.
    Everything that exists is in our brain, and the rest is unknown to us. There is no way for the brain to know the unknown. Religions and philosophers have tried two approaches: using imagination to fill in the blanks (positive approach), and the negative way (neti-neti [not this, not that] aka “via negativa”). Both these approaches are positive approaches seeking to slowly elucidate the unknown into knowledge. Neti-neti is positive only when there is the underlying goal to know brahman. If the negative approach is used without a goal as its motive, then it is still a movement through the known, just that now there is no motive to move. These positive approaches are akin to a person building a lego imitation of the world, or akin to a person sculpting the rock to reveal an image. Both approaches are artificial.
    The unknown has no image, because it doesn’t exist. Similarly timelessness doesn’t exist. Zero is a number that has no value. All numbers relate to zero, but zero has no quantity, so it doesn’t exist. Without zero as a positional marker, its hard to relate to anything. Thus for timelessness to happen in the mind, the concept has to dissolve, be seen as an illusion (like the horizon is an illusion).
    I am not saying that there aren’t times when the mind is timeless; however, if such an occurance happens, there is no facility that can measure that timelessness.
    The measuring facility (brain) operates in time, so any movement of the brain totally conceals timelessness. Hence: romance dies when you seek to analyze it, and jokes aren’t impressive when you know the punch line already. All physical sensations become belittled when re-experienced as a memory.
    Timelessness doesn’t exist in reality, it doesn’t stand out, the brain cannot grasp timelessness. We want to be immortal, we want to keep our memories and identity. That is a fact and the only thing we can look at. The unknown cannot be sought, just as there is no such thing as a non-violent human brain. Only the facts can be studied.
    To observe time is all we can do, to observe mortality/death is to know life. We separate our death from life. We think of death as the destroyer of life, or as an intellude between two lives (cf the concept of re-incarnation). We never consider death as being the same movement as life, the brain can only separate, that is its function.
    Without death there is no life, yet we run from death into imaginary conceptions to avoid dealing with death. Death is essential to see things afresh. To think of a jet engine, the brain must first stop thinking about Turboprop engines. If there wasn’t an end to the continuity of thought operating upon the evolution of the turboprop engine, aircraft engineers would never have moved their attention upon designing jet engines. Jet engine designs were first inspired by Heron of Alexandria’s “Aeolipile” engine, some time during the 1st century AD. However, without the courage to stop with the turboprop design evolution, the jet engine would not have been born into its modern form. Hence death has an important part to play in the mind of a free person. Without death, one cannot be free: freedom means detachment from bondage.
    Thought is the only measurer. How can thought measure itself, when the output of the operation is also part of self? There would need to be constant measurement. The constant continuity of thought is the thing covering up the natural state of your mind. You want timelessness, which is why its not going to happen. If you can look at your haggard face in the mirror at 90, and can look at that image without comparing it to other images, then the notion of youth dies or old age dies.

  7. The aggregate creative forces who made this universe were trying to form something that resembled eternity, no begininning no end. Being begotten themselves, this is what they came up with helped by Chronos. The myth is perplexing but the result gives credence to Plato’s demiurgos in Timaeus. So the nature of time which seems like forever is but a reflection of the real thing and all the actions within actions have beginnings and ends here.
    I have heard that memory is the enemy of divine inspiration. Memory implies time so to shift your perspective and live longer one would have to bring all thoughts to a focus of the present moment.
    Not swaying from this focus requires much practice and if successful you might live to be two hundred and nine. And you might find in so doing that you do flow freely in any direction exhibiting an Eye of the Sibyl as written of by Philip K. Dick. Bottom line is your present condition of purity.
    The more freed from matter the more easily you can fly.
    Strange how you write bootzy. Perhaps you can help me with a dream I had two nights ago. Someone was speaking to me and said a word that sounded like trei and told me it means life without sunset. That is all I remember.

  8. Sir you have described so many ‘times’ in your question, but unfortunately one ‘time’ is left, which is the master time of all ‘times’, this ‘time’ makes every time successful. and which is most welcomed by Lord God, at the time of our appearance in true court.
    कुदरति करि कै वसिआ सोइ ॥
    He created the Creative Power of the Universe, within which He dwells.
    वखतु वीचारे सु बंदा होइ ॥
    One who reflects upon his allotted span of life, becomes the slave of God.
    {{{Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Siree Raag 84}}}
    वेला वखत सभि सुहाइआ ॥
    That time, that moment is totally beautiful,
    जितु सचा मेरे मनि भाइआ ॥
    when the True One becomes pleasing to my mind.
    सचे सेविऐ सचु वडिआई गुर किरपा ते सचु पावणिआ ॥२॥
    Serving the True One, true greatness is obtained. By Guru’s Grace, the True One is obtained. ||2||
    {{{Guru Amar Daas Ji, Raag Maajh 115}}}
    सभे वखत सभे करि वेला ॥
    Always, at every moment,
    खालकु यादि दिलै महि मउला ॥
    remember God, the Creator within your heart.
    तसबी यादि करहु दस मरदनु सुंनति सीलु बंधानि बरा ॥७॥
    Let your meditation beads be the subjugation of the ten senses. Let good conduct and self-restraint be your circumcision. ||7|| {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Maaroo 1084}}}

  9. To be frank, I lost much time and had to abort my quest in reading and answering your question. Frankly speaking I lack the patience to go the whole hog……..

  10. Everything he has made pretty in its time. Even time indefinite he has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the true God has made from the start to the finish.

  11. LOL, this time, my time from your time for my time, next time your time makes my time LOL, I thank your time for the my time to LOL of your time which his time gave time for your time to give my time a chance to LOL in my time for his time he gave your time and my time a good time to enter time of his time a good time for all time if times would unite times then all times would be one time of many times for all times for a next time just like the other time when many times were one time and time was tie me as one time was was still many times and times did not know one time as times, until multiply came into times and a time family started to grow, that was family times, it multi~plied tie~me 2 on~e, that would be your time included in time, e, youe e can be found in emaculate, harmoknee, spirituall~e, lovel~e, kindl~e, Godl~e, the famil~e of e’s of the rayc~e of Gee~sus, the big Gee and little e’s of love that fit the hand of God, the Gee~love of the living time, your time is precious as all times when times are multiplied by one time, vision of times. LOL.

  12. Hare are many different dissertations (of Elias) about time, smashed together to (hopefully) make one congruent “conceptualization” about time… let me know if you want more info! ;-P
    “Each moment of each focus is its own reality!
    Now: time itself is a quality of consciousness. Therefore, you may identify time, in a manner of speaking, as a truth, in that it may be translated into any area of consciousness, but the manner in which it is translated may be quite different. Therefore, the expression that you view as a reality – of the movement of time within your physical dimension – may be viewed as an illusion in other areas of consciousness, for it is a creation of your perception.
    Even within your physical dimension in the now, it is relative. It is dependent upon your perception in how it shall move, and your perception alters its movement continuously.
    Individuals allow themselves experiences within your physical dimension in which they identify they have lost time. They have experienced the passage of many hours in the physical time framework of few seconds, or they may experience the movement of time in NO expression of time.
    In this, what I am expressing to you first of all is that your perception is that which creates your identification of the movement of time in this physical dimension, and it is quite relative. It is not an absolute, and it is quite bendable and changeable.
    In concentrating your attention upon the passage of time, you reinforce your perception that time is within limited supply. But as you allow yourself to discontinue concentrating upon time itself, you shall allow yourself to move within it abundantly.
    Many times I speak to you within the confines of time elements, for this is what you understand. You do not understand and you do not accept simultaneous time. You may say to yourselves and to each other that you understand and you accept simultaneous time, or no time, but you do not. It is a concept. It is not a reality within your focus, for you incorporate time! Therefore, it continues to be a concept, and not reality. You are beginning, very, very slightly beginning, to incorporate a small movement of widening your awareness, to incorporate the idea of simultaneous time. Therefore, you may be expressing, “I believe I have experienced! I know it is reality!” It is not reality to you, as of this present now!
    Within probabilities, all things are possible. It is only your choice to choose one probability for this particular focus, within each moment of this focus. In actuality, all probabilities are actualized somewhere, so to speak. All choices are incorporated. You choose one, within each moment, to be actualized within this time dimension and focus.
    Again, each moment of each focus is its own reality!
    As to simultaneous time, the meaning of this is that all things are happening now; within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all consciousness. All occurs now, within the moment. All consciousness is in a state of becoming. There is no past. There is no future. There was no beginning. There will be no end.
    Individually, you may view an individual of ten years old, and while you may view this individual as ten, it does not exist throughout eternity as only ten, immobilized in some isolated frozen time element. It is energy. Energy is always in motion. In motion! Not stuck! Even in corners! It is always becoming. Your own physical bodies bear evidence to this. You have created them in such a way to be acknowledging to you continuously, throughout each focus, of this same reality. These cells that you possess, at this present now moment, are entirely, completely, not one the same, as the cells that your body incorporated few years prior to now. Not one is the same! They are continually in motion. They are continually becoming. They are continually replacing. They move! They are never annihilated! There is never destruction. There is never death; within a cell, within an atom, within a particle, within a body, within a probability, within a focus, within anything! They all exist simultaneously, and they are all reality!
    However, you view manifestations and creations linearly. You view that you create one thing within your present now, which becomes your past, and it is static; it is fixed. You do not view that you create elements within your future and that they are creating of your past. You do not view that you are creating now and it is creating of your past. You speculate that you are creating now and it shall be affecting of your future, but it is not creating your future. But, in truth, they are all the same, and they are all creating each other NOW.
    You all incorporate much more effort than is necessary, for you believe that you may not be affecting if you are not incorporating effort. What you do not believe is that thought is reality, and thought is energy, and energy is reality, and energy is constantly within motion. Therefore, as you incorporate the reality of thought, you immediately, instantaneously create … effortlessly. Therefore, the effort that you incorporate subsequently is for your own benefit. The accomplishment has already taken place.
    All is happening now!” ~Elias

  13. Time is a relative dimension laid over our existence to control, manage, and predict the movement of bodies whether they be human, human created, or of the cosmos. Time as we know it is only a few hundred years old and it wasn’t until the late 1700s that clocks themselves were even readily available. To me time means next to nothing spiritually. I am a space traveler 🙂

  14. With regard to ‘time’ I have cut and pasted something from my own book, I hope it helps in answering; at least in part, your question on ‘time’ as it demonstrates ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual body’ in contact with each at the same moment in time, and yet separated in time.
    ‘However, a word of warning is needed here. While experience has shown me ‘astral doorways’ do exist, I would point out that in Druidry, (See 27th annotation) the ancient ‘Trilithons’ of Stonehenge, ‘sacred groves’ and the like, while they and any such doorway can give access to previously hidden realms and altered states of consciousness, also have the potential of being extremely dangerous. Because when carried out correctly, one is normally aware of the physical body and at the same time is in and fully aware of the spirit (astral) body being outside of the physical yet in complete touch with both at the same moment in time. In this position, the inner spirit, ‘at times,’ can be confronted with what appears at first glance to be a negative situation and if one cannot handle it, trouble is clearly on the horizon. Indeed, I have met several people who have ‘consciously’ tried astral projection but have never been able to pass the initial ‘exhilaration phase,’ (for those who have experienced this you will know what I mean.) Fear of the unknown has gripped the mind and has put a stop to the next phase. Further, should the two bodies ie, the astral and the physical suddenly impact and ‘jolt’ during astral travel, it is a sure sign of an imbalance within, unless the ‘jolt’ had been caused by the presence of another person nearby, or a rough landing, as it were.
    My advice is simple, forget it! Astral doorways can be dangerous and are quite unnecessary, because if one is not properly centred and mentally equipped when travelling through such doorways, it can and will cause a great deal of psychological damage. I feel very strongly here those who advocate such methods (and there are many) would do well to demonstrate some measure of responsibility instead of making astral travel sound like some wonderful thing at the bottom of a garden! Since astral travel can have its dangers, clearly it is not a game! Therefore, I would not recommended astral travel and certainly not to the timid. On the outside, the house looked so sweet and delicious, but once through the door the suffering began. Hanzel and Grethal were lucky, they escaped unharmed. Oh how sweet and mysterious ‘astral doorways’ appear!

  15. The more clarifications of time has given by learned questioner. In my view for good act of work one should do at once without waiting of time. For bad activity it is good if some one postpones it on time as defined by questioner.According to my view without waiting time one should do immediately as stated. For bad work the post pond on time is always good.
    Greeting to the questioner for excellent question asked.

  16. Better for me, to come to know God… and let Him tell me His time. He can whisper, cry, move us, reveal to any of us… what we need any time, any day! It is mostly us who will say….Give me just a little more time… and ___________!
    God blesses us by the gift of extra time…Everything belongs to God, and I know, I will receive everything I need from second to second, for He notices even when a sparrow falls from the skies. I just simplify much of this, because my time is in God’s hands…
    Love and blessings, let’s just take the time each of us to be thankful for our many many blessings, in one another, and in all that we have. Love to you… high time we began to love… Let us create a new conspiracy to love… one another well, and get united!!! Have we got the time?? smiles and love … Blue!!!! :))
    LOL Blue…no fair… I sent the song first…. hahahaha.. now I really am liking this… we may just get some extra time… Love ya gurl!!!!!

  17. A: Is there time enough to get enlightened? B: Yes, just exactly enough. A: How much is that? B: Forget it. For you, ignorance prevails, for now.

  18. Time is always trying to be measured, time is the key to mans eternal thoughts-it plagues man. But time is also everything to mankind as well. From the beginning we are born into this world fighting for time. In the end we are fighting for every bit of time we can get as well.

  19. Time is an attribute of a changing universe. If nothing changes in the universe then time ceases to exist.
    As far as your “spiritual” questions are concerned, they are beyond the scope of psychology and I would suggest the “Religion & Spirituality” category of Yahoo answers.


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