Home Discussion Forum To the peolple who have astral projected before...?

To the peolple who have astral projected before…?

What do you do when you astral project? I know what it is but to the people who astral project, do you go to the moon, other countries, ect.? What do you like to do when you leave the body?


  1. It is a novelty and fraud. It is like having aliens come down and probe you in various ways.
    Does not happen without tons of psychildelic drugs.

  2. it’s difficult to channel, very very difficult, but when you do it’s great. It can be very scary. you cant just travel you have to be in the right state of mind and have the right energy. I was once able to travel to my home town, it all felt and looked very real, and I had once “floated” out of my body and saw myself. It’s easy to lose control because you’re dwelling between the conscious, logical mind and the subconscious (which is why many people do with the aid of drugs, to help ‘open” the mind)


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