To the pagans out there?

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by Magick_is_you!:

Has your soul been so hurt that the only way you feel that you can heal it, is to be in nature? It’s like nature is calling me for that purpose..It’s an overwhelming I HAVE to be there. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this..but..the other times when I would feel that, I’d go for awhile..I couldn’t feel the energy..that would make me feel so sad…this time it feels’s like the energy is waiting for me…anyone else have a feeling like this?

Answer by gruffalo
It is only natural to take pleasure and comfort from being close to nature, and away from the shallowness of the man-made world we have created for ourselves- you don’t have to be pagan to enjoy it!
However, so you know, paganism is of course a very earth-bound way of living your life, that involves the worship of nature and the flesh, so if you feel a need to revere nature and help protect it, as opposed to merely enjoy it, then do so, the planet needs any help it can get!

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No… believe it or not, some people cannot “feel” the presence of your God. Many people, including myself, believe it does not exist.

Enlightened One

yes me.The ‘Enlightened One’.


I’ve felt that way before too,you should go to the place that you feel like you need to…


agetaway from the madness is ideal…it clears the head…allows for new focuses…and often gives solutions to long-standing problems


Merry Meet!
I think Gruffalo nailed it on the head. I can’t really add much to that insightful answer, except to say that you must trust in yourself. If you feel you NEED to be somewhere, then go, dear one.
I also believe that Mother Earth is calling to her children…we all need time alone in nature to listen to her call & ease our busy, weary, over-worked bodies. Don’t let anyone discourage you – as you can see from some of these answers, there are many small, nasty narrow-minded people that fear the unknown to the point of paranoia who will persecute you for “being different”. Don’t let those nasty energies dampen your feelings and beliefs hon…
Trust yourself!!!!!!
Blessings be.


I too could not say it any better than gruffalo…My thoughts almost exactly.


My soul is quite healthy and unhurt for the most part, I think. But I do enjoy getting out in nature, until the mosquitoes bite me and my poison ivy allergy lands me in bed. Otherwise, I’m all about nature out there, while I’m in here. I generally journey out of my body, as my healthy soul has far fewer allergies than my less than healthy body, I sense the Gods in Nature and in the cosmose. I always feel them, sometimes things change and I have to get my bearings, but they are always there and I can talk to them whenever I need comfort.
Sometimes they call me too. And then I go. Mosquitos and all… If they call you, you should go.
As the Chili Peppers said, “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you. This life is more than just a read through.”


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