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To the Early Risers of the New Day: what role shall you play in the ultimate elevation of human consciousness?

Shall you act as a catalyst to usher in a golden age of reason and understanding?
It seems that our kind is at a crossroad and its future hangs by a thread.
Is there any knowlege that can stay our hand and keep the thread in tact?
Have we repeated the mistakes of our ancestors?
They were not spared the consequences of their actions…
Will we be?
What to do…what to do…?
Tell me of the Awakening…


  1. ‘The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there’
    “When you get there, there isn’t any there there”

  2. I stayed up through the night with passion at my side,
    most thought I was mad, and I was with desire,
    Such a good burning it is, this baptism by fire.

  3. Sunman, my good friend. WE are ALL subject to those three ladies, Atropos, Lachesis and Clothos. The BEST that we can do is to not tangle up the thread of our lives too much and run the risk of breaking it and ending things prematurely. WE need to learn to weave our thread with the threads of others in our lives and try to work together and form a nice tapestry.
    As for my own piece of the tapestry, I intend to work more on my third book and hopefully add a few more pages to the ongoing saga.
    Brightest Blessings to you my friend,
    Raji the Green Witch

  4. Excellent question. No wait; this is an excellent pointer, Sunman.
    We Human tend to forget from times to times, our forefathers’ and/or our own mistakes.
    And from times to times, we keep falling into the same old trap.
    Observing others and ourselves, the habits, the craves, the ignorance and it’s consequences and put a stop to it, is extremely important.
    Be observant and be ready to change for the better.
    Be diligent in learning and be diligent in working toward the better.
    Thank you sir for this excellent reminder.
    Good for you Rez. that’s the spirit of life well live.

  5. Well, I’ve done what I could for many years, with some wins and losses. Too frail now. So I sleep in. But there are new enlistments to take the struggle further than I could – environmentally, socially, politically, and so on. And my grandchildren are shaping up to continue the battle. There may never be a Golden Age, but at least we can fight against the darkness of custom and superstition, and keep the lamps alight, just as those before us did. At least we don’t get burnt at the stake, for now.

  6. haha.. Is the sky really falling? There will always be diversions that we will gladly take to keep us away from simple awareness…. Doesn’t matter really, all is as it is. Take the chance and immerse yourself in simply being. Take the chance and watch the games ego plays, watch your thoughts as they come, without torment, without adding energy – with simple awareness. Then, watch with a smile as the world you thought you knew transforms before you. Its worth a try if only to give yourself a break from the all the effort and energy you put into avoiding it. 🙂

  7. “No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”- on sleep, that is. Morrison’s silly words have more meaning than he meant them to have, kinda like drip painting.
    The last age of enlightenment humanity had was in the fifties and sixties, I think. These times seem to be marked by an underlying belief in acting for the communal good and the forsaking of religious dogma- religion altogether (in favor of spirituality).
    Before that was back in the late Victorian times when the artists made their great stand and ended up atop the world for a time. Kinda funny how what the artist in the late 1800’s started with Delacroix, Monet.. ended in the fifties and sixties with Rothco, Pollock, and finally men like Warhol (in the time of Jim Morrision, lol.) To paraphrase H.S Thompson: if you stand on the right hilltop overlooking the streets of Manhattan or Paris, you can still see the high water mark where the wave finally broke- and fell back.
    But did they pass on the torch, or did they all just fade into yuppies and oblivion? It has been almost another fifty years and it seems due time for another resurge- but where are OUR leaders, where are the peaceful, forceful, revolutionaries who will rip the terrified from the terroists and start real change (and I don’t mean B.S politician change)?
    We’re now in a dark age of greed and fear. Those who would follow are under sway of the gangsters in charge who give them protection in return for allegiance.
    I don’t know but I think its just the way of reality for humanity to go through these cycles. Ups and downs, births and deaths…its the way of things. Its not for us so much to change others or the world as it is for us to change ourselves within.
    Get up early, sit on the hill and watch the sun rise, linger in the evening and absorb the stars. Hear the wind in the trees and see the light of the moon.
    Smile. Live. Be here and nowhere else.
    Give up hope, give up fear; live in harmony with yourself and you’ll help tune the world.

  8. The more I lay down, and surrender my intellect, and allow my true Self to shine…I Am helping to “usher in a golden age of reason and understanding.”
    So many good answers…I will let it be.
    Much Love,

  9. Excellent question Sunman. Since this is a personal question I shall answer it so:
    I know who I am. I know why I am here. I see into the ethers and I carefully bring that beauty down to earth. I manifest the unseen onto the page and it appears as words and in colours. My energy radiates.
    As each of us does, my presence makes a difference to what is, and that is enough.
    Regarding ancestors, the crossroads, mistakes, consequences: The growth is subtle and incomplete.
    Rez said eloquently and succinctly: “Give up hope, give up fear; live in harmony with yourself and you’ll help tune the world.” This is exactly my philosophy. There is no need to concern ones self with all the outer goings on. Be at one with yourself in purity. Everything radiates from there. Whether it can be grasped consciously or not, right now, by the many is not important. The awakening, you speak of, is to your own pure nature. There lies all the power. The language of the esoteric appears to be full of riddles but it is crystal clear to those who have tuned in. Peace, friend.

  10. Everything is in Divine working order and happening just as it’s supposed to be happening.
    Sometimes negative events must happen to bring about a positive change…sort of like the Tower card in tarot. No one wants to see that card in a reading but it can blast through barries and make way for positive change to enter.
    A lot of lightworkers have been in a state of study and absorbing. Even if they haven’t been actively studying, like reading spiritual books…they may have been learning through interactions with other people.
    October is going to be a big month for us.
    My psychic prediction is…
    There are going to be times in the future that all is going to seem to be lost and things are going to appear really bad. People will be very saddened by the state of the world. The negativity will appear to be severe…the end times will be how some will see it but what lies right beneath that illusion is a glorius new beginning in human evolution and our Earth’s evolution. Later on, people will finally understand that everything happened just the way it was supposed to.
    The people who are going to have it the hardest are the ‘end timers’. They will have been energized by all the joy associated with the end of the world and their own death. They will have been looking forward to it.
    It will for once and for all become blatantly apparent that the world is not going to end. This is going to leave them sort of lifeless and purposeless. They will be very depressed.
    That is when the lightworkers real work will come. Everything that has happened in our lives, everything that we have learned, will be our strength and our way to give these people a kick start into their new life.
    One more thing though…in the next two years, spirituality and the other side are going to get a lot more respect due to events that will happen that will be undeniably spiritual in nature. There will also be solid proof of extraterrestials. It will put the minds of the masses in a whirlwind of new thoughts and restructuring of opinions.
    Phew! That was a whopper! I never wrote that before. Anyways, that’s my psychic take on the awakening. 😉
    The evolution of the human mind and the way we choose to exist will speed up very quickly when compared to biological evolution. We will start to see that we have come very far in a reasonably short amount of time. We will start feeling more like spiritual beings having a physical experience. Right now, too many people feel like animals without souls or parasites upon the Earth and all it’s resources. The human race bears a group shame. That needs to be healed and will be, during the awakening.

  11. I ask. “What came first, matter or consciousness? I say what can exist if there is nothing to be aware of it. Science has proved matter is only energy. I work with my hands through my eyes and ears I invent and create using my mind.
    I am not playing a role I am just being James.
    There is knowledge and the thread is getting thicker all the time.
    I pay attention to the light my Father shines 🙂


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