To that racist 68 year old woman what kinda issue does she have with blacks?

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I’m curious as to what the old hag b!tch has with black people she said she grew up in California in the 1950’s,there was no seggregation and racism in California so what issue does she have?
I’m 14 years old

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Mr. Peter

No segregation at all? are you sure about that


Well, my granny is like 80 and is kind of racist.
She thinks black people:
-don’t work
-don’t marry
-have too many kids
– are violent
– do drugs


she just needs to be shot
along with all other racist scum


She just hates blacks. It could be for the color of skin or she has had bad experiences with black people. What did she do to you?


you were only born in 94′ you dont know shitt
older generation has many thoughts like this. It was how they were brought up. My grandma still calls black “colored”

Latashia S

Some ppl are just rude, I think some ppl follow what other ppl do. She to old to be racist

Melissa S

ehh dont worry about it our generation is more open, not all the way, but the following generation may open up more. Shes an old hag, shes not gonna be around for too long and when judgement day comes, she’ll regret it lol. Racism = hate which equals violence. In other words she also promotes violence, so ses like a silent killer.
For those who said she was born during segregation, it dosent give her the right to be racist, bobby kennedy was born into it and he was white, and many civil rights activists were also bon into it and was white. Being born into dosent give you the right to hate or discriminate on others bcuz of color.

Abby S

shes old and she was alive during the civil rights movment and she probably still doesnt like the idea of non-segregation…
she was born into and its hard to get rid of ideas that someone is born ito … anyways she’ll be dead soon anyways 🙂
she probably had parents or family who didnt like it so that might b why even in california she didnt like black…idk

Patrick H

check your history.


You’re only 15 years old, she has more life experience than you.
What is it any of your business what she thinks?
Edit; I stand corrected. You’re only 14-what could you possibly know about anything?

Rebecca P

Shes probably just very stubborn and set in her ways, but times change so I wouldn’t worry about her! Not all people of this generation are like it.
It’s racism in this day and age what really get my back up – we should have learnt from the past wars & violence shouldn’t be going on just because someone is different. None of us can help the fact that our parents had sex, which is THE only reason why we’re here and are the race we are in the first place!

Sally G

You are 14? Well, EXCUUUUSE ME!!! You should be a fountain of wisdom by now….14 years…damn.
Who cares what issues she has with blacks, or anyone else. Has it occurred to you that by labeling her a “hag”, you are behaving just as badly as she is.
Hopefully, once you actually grow up into an adult, you will realize that there are all kinds of people in the world…some good, some bad. They come in all colors. Name calling serves no purpose. The best thing you can do is to work on YOURSELF and be the kind of person you want to be. Perhaps others may take notice of your attitudes and want to emulate you.
However, as of now, you have sunk to the same level as the elderly woman.

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