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To Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers…?

Do you think it is possible for certain modern pharmaceutical drugs to cause energy blockages, such as psychological medications who have sexual side effects causing a block in the second (sacral) plexus chakra? (Do you believe the physical [side] effects of medications can affect the energetic body?)

Thanks in advance!
Er… sure it’s okay for me… I was just asking if anyone agreed with the idea. What do you mean a ‘personal’ affector???
Actually I am more concerned with the sexual side effects of birth control drugs. And could you please recommend some qi-gong movements specificaly for the sacral plexus? I would REALLY appreciate it. I once tried looking online for some and couldn’t find any.

P.S. I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner myself.
Here is another related question I posted to give more details to the nature of the question above:

Are there any women here who have suffered from a loss of libido from taking birth control? How did you deal with it? Are there any women who found ways to cope with it withOUT going OFF of birth control? Have people found that birth control that uses that different hormone (DSRVP? or something like that…) has a lower incident of causing lack of libido? Also, I experience an inability to become aroused… is that also part of this side effect?

It has been really difficult dealing with this and when I went to the doctor to discuss it, their only suggestion was to try family planning and my husband (and I) aren’t willing to take that much of a chance with getting pregnant. What should I do????

I’ve been on Depo-Provera (the shot you get every 3 months), Orth-Evra (the patch), and now I’m using Nuva Ring. They all had the same effect on me.
And, yes, I am very artistic. I draw and sing a lot. I have been told by reiki practitioners other than myself that I have a pretty bad blockage at my sacral plexux to the point of almost no energy flow below that point on my body.

I was just wondering if since problems in energy flow cause physical dis-ease and disorder, if physical dis-ease and disorder (from the use of medication) can, therefore, cause problems in energetic flow.

It would make sense that it works both ways since everything is intereconnected. I just wanted to get some other peoples’ input. And I DO do self healings, but I have been thinking that some qi-gong movements would be really helpful, but I can’t seem to find any.