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To Pagans, Wiccans – What Stone, Mineral, Gem or Crystal should I adorn my Staff with? also, Sacred Tree Types

My Staff is about 6’3, Alder, A beautiful Piece. It curves to the right at about 5′ about 5 inches then curves and straigthens up the last 15 inches or so.
Im a Newfound Pagan of 8 months, With dreams of Shamanism. My element is earth, and im around 6’2.
I want to know what Stones, Elements, Symbols/Adornments etc. would be good for Healing, Enlightenment, Finding a spirit guide, etc.
ALSO, as i plan to use my (unfinished) staff in ceremonies, spells, What could I decorate or adorn it with that would hold energy after a spell, just a small amount each time, that can be used later?
A magic battery so-to speak.
Thank you, And Have yourself a blessed day.


  1. a nicer jade for healing
    amethyst for being more open to dreams
    a nice jasper for your connection to the earth
    and a nice clear quartz for general all rounder
    I am not sure about spells and such , just love crystals
    sounds like it is going to be gorgeous though

  2. I’m not making suggestions because it’s relly a personal choice. However I will say find the stones you are drawn to. If there is an animal that you are drawn to use something from it. If it happens to be birds then you could use feathers that you find. You could use leather on it.
    Quartz crystals are good for energy.
    Dang it I got carried away and made suggestions anyway. Seriously you will just need to find the stones that you work best with. Not all stones will resonate the same with everyone.

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