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To my fellow psychics and energy aware people, i have a theory… What do you think?

I was lying in bed half asleep when my partner had someone come in for a reading. My bedroom door was shut but as they both walked past it to our reading room i saw both their auras. The first person who walked past, her aura was violet and purple with other bits of blue and green but majority violet. And the second person that walked past was more just a mixture of blue, green and other bits of yellow and orange.
When the reading had finished i asked my partner if she walked by first or second. I thought she must have been the first one. Violet and purple = Psychic colours. But she said she was second.
So i thought, a psychic is only someone who can interpret someone elses intuition for them. I dont bring the psychic energy to the reading it is the person who wants the reading.
What do you think?


  1. Yup…the orange, green, yellow and blue are balanced and live on this Earth…so can interpret…the strictly violet is so far up in the clouds they can’t interpret anything for practical use…

  2. the world of psychic is a temporary phenomena on earth… the vast energy shifts we have been experience is the result of Nature evolving to be a powerful enough entity to take back from humans what religions stole from it….. the energy is slowly being drawned back to nature where it belongs… Nature is wiser, stronger and will contine to guide life as it was meant to.

  3. I believe in auras but have really not studied about the particular colors meaning……………whatever.
    I saw my pastor’s aura one day while he was delivering his sermon.
    I have seen my own “light” surrounding my body while meditating. I was meditating on my front porch at night one time and saw the energy light given off by leaves on the tree in front of me. We are all beings of light, and when this body dies, we “go to the light”. Everyone of us, no matter what religious denomination you may claim. Life is a circle for all living things.

  4. As such our body is believed to contain SEVEN type of auras.
    It is observed that during a specific period aura is seen. This happens because a part of a particular aura being shifted from its position. Only persons having SENSE to SEE can only observe this change.
    It has several indications. viz. stress, fear, guilt etc. .
    One can separate own aura and see others depending upon his mental ability and stability.
    I believe that on your case there is no theory established. It is a simple phenomena observed.
    If you really want to go deep into it try to SEE aura everywhere and try to analyze them, then only you can conclude some theory – Bapu


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