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To My Fellow Christian: Have you ever had an encounter with a demon/evil entity?

I’ve had several, and as a result, I no longer fear them. So, I guess I just want to know…what would you share with me of them.
I had an “old hag” experience once. You can search it on the Web. I told the demon that Christ commanded it to leave, and it did.
human…thanks for pointing that out.
KJ…yes, I would love prayer! I will pray for you and all on Answers.
Diz…no way am I a fundie. I don’t believe the Bible is infallible, I believe Christ died for everyone (believer or not), and I am way to the left poitically. However, I do believe that most others would interpret this another way; many of the answers so far are proof of that.


  1. I believe I have on occasion. If you no longer feel demons or evil, then you are terribly foolish. Don’t you think Satan may have allowed those experiences you speak of so that you would not fear evil and, therefore, be easily drawn in? You may not have had a big enough experience with evil yet if you do not fear it.

  2. I do not like this issue, it does scare me. But I know my faith keeps it away. I think we encounter them every day. Sometimes in the dark and alone i say “I WANT TO KILL MYSELF” and it scares me. Just believe in God, no horoscopes or anything but do not underestimate the Devil, He is a FORCE compared to us frail human.

  3. Dear Lady
    These aren’t confined only to the Christian Faith Buddhists have to deal with them too
    To help you understand a little better Let me quote from a work wrote by a very respected Buddhist Teacher Thich Thien Tam
    In His work Buddhism of Wisdom and Faith
    In the chapter Seek a response He not only lists the various types of Demon but He also explains in detail in how to deal with them
    In my experience Prayer said with focused intent is very powerful countermeasure
    I’ll list them for You here
    External Demons
    Terrorizing Demons
    Demons of Lust and Attachment
    Nuisance Demons
    Celestial Demons
    May this help You
    It’s kind of You to say
    One Final edit
    Fear is an Obstacle Great You are right not to fear them
    Oops Politically ??
    Oh I see
    I’ve never heard it termed that before and You are asking Us about Demons ?
    The Illusion continues… for some

  4. Wow. That’s freaky. I’ve never had one where an entity actually confronted me! I’m proud that you had faith enough to tell it to go in Christ’s name, and it left you alone.
    I’ve had encounters with evil emotions, feelings, etc. but not up front like that.
    I’ll pray for you!( you can pray for me too!)

  5. That old hag experience is actually quite a common phenomenon associated with a sleeping disorder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis
    The “old hag” experence you had is a result of A sleeping disorder called sleeping paralysis, not some disease.
    Almost everybody experences sleep parlaysis at some point in their lives, even me-often it is accompanied with hallucinations.
    You are a very dumb and superstitious person in other words a christian.

  6. Demons fear and respect the Lord Jesus Christ. They fear his word because anything the Lord commands, they have to obey.
    When encountering demons, reliance on the Lord is mandatory. He may even have you fast. Demons don’t fear us unless we are walking with Jesus. It is Jesus, not us, they fear.

  7. i’m an atheist but i did have a very odd experience: i had finished smoking a lot of weed. i went to the bus stop and there was a man with no eye brows, shaved head, fangs and crazy eyes. he had a friend that looked evil also almost chimpish but still very human. I bummed a cigarette from him. The whole busride home it felt like some sort of spiritual journey. I’m not sure if those two men were real or not. They didn’t seem real but everything else did seem real.
    christians aren’t the only one to have had “experiences with demons” all cultures have had them.
    my story proves that stories can be created through intoxication, fear, stress, ergot poisoning etc.

  8. Why are you only directing your questions to Christians?
    Are you implying that only Christians can encounter demons/evils?
    or is it because you think only Christians would interpret such encounters as “evils” or “demons” whereas non-Christian would rationalize this as something else or a figment of your imagination?
    C’mon now be honest! Are you a fundy?

  9. Don’t put up with Evil Spirits. Order them out in Jesus Name. But know what your doing.
    Luk 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

  10. It’s actually a symptom of narcolepsy. If you’ve had it several times, you should probably see a doctor. It has been known to cause problems and could result in a serious accident (you’re experience is only one symptom). My grandmother has it, and she was in a serious accident which nearly killed her (she had a sleep attack while driving). Regardless of your religious beliefs, I would encourage you to see a doctor about it.

  11. This Is nothing to take lightly. I’ve seen one very clearly,and the others were glimpes of dark beings. Except for that one time when I was paid a visit by none other than a certain being…That was the night I rededicated my life back to Jesus. I don’t like to talk about this sort of thing. We’re to focus ALL our energy on God and His word,prayer and offering up the sacrifice of praise.
    My daughter had this experience you’re describing. She was terrified at the time…Now she knows what to do…Praise the Lord…

  12. i dealt with this ”shadow” thing for several months. it was horrible. other people saw it too; my cousin, my brother, my neighbor, etc. it filled me with fear every time it came around, sometimes a sharp pain in my eyes (wierd, right?), sometimes worse. it ended up leaving cuts and bruises on my back once. near the end of the whole thing, i was at my mom’s house, taking a nap on her couch (i was at the point where i could no longer sleep alone at my own house, so i’d go other places and get two or three hours of sleep). my mom wigged out pretty bad. she said she could see the blanket get tight around me like something was pinning me down, but there was nothing there to be seen doing it. i guess i started growling in my sleep, ”get off of me in the name of Christ!” seriously, she was so scared, it made her cry.
    this is why i’m a christian now.


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