Home Discussion Forum To frequencies of what Chakra correspond the stones Onyx and Dark Quarz?

To frequencies of what Chakra correspond the stones Onyx and Dark Quarz?

When taking some stones I feel they “disconnect” surrounding influences and create a perfect silence in energy field – On what principle is this?


  1. I’m sorry to tell you, but that is all rubbish, scientifically speaking. To start off with, chakras are a religious concept, and apart from that there is no reason to think that they actually exist. There is certainly no physical evidence that they do. Secondly, crystalline rocks don’t emit any energy on any frequency. There is absolutely no scientific justification for such a claim, but I think this idea entered the mystical community from the fact that quartz crystal will vibrate at its mechanical resonance frequency under an applied voltage and produce a steady oscillating electric signal. That rather mundane usage in electronic circuitry is certainly a far cry from the nonsense that mystics are claiming about crystals nowadays. Third, “auric fields”, as someone else mentioned, are only folklore as well. The proposed ability to sense “auras” has been tested objectively and these tests have been abject failures. There is no device that can detect an “auric field” and there is no reason to think that something like that exists either.
    So the answer is that there are no principles, at least scientific ones, that would apply to what you’re asking. It’s pure mysticism usurping scientific verbiage to appear legitimate.

  2. That would be the hooey principle.It is part of a much bigger problem.Many natural crystal formations are being raided to satisfy new age foofraw.These beautifull formations are destroyed because of new age selfishness.

  3. Based on my last violation appeal, its a violation if I try to give you a scientific answer and not feed into the magical, mystical new age thinking. The truth is chakras are just a made up concept and are not real at all. Think about it. They are completely undetectable by human sensory and machine. How could anyone know about them? And even if they did know about them, how could anyone know about how they correspond to stones.
    The truth is you can get an electrical reaction from quartz called the Piezo electrical effect. There is no healing properties or energy fields that have been detected in quartz and certainly none in onyx.
    edit: Let me ask you gldnsilnc, what do you use to measure these frequencies? If you can’t measure these frequencies, how can you compare the intensity of two or more of them? I really want to know how you come by this comparison of chakra frequencies.

  4. The seven main chakras have their own vibrational frequencies [as do all the main and minor chakras]…as do minerals. You will find that the dark black and smokey quartz most often link with the 1st or base chakra found near the base of your spine. If you hold these stones and quiet yourself enough you will pick up where these stones are influencing in your auric field.

  5. Someone responded: “… the seven main chakras have their own vibrational frequencies….the dark black and smokey quartz most often link with the 1st or base chakra….influencing in your auric field.”
    What a load of bullsh*t. I can’t believe people spouting this drivel aren’t embarassed about how they sound. Especially going into a science forum and talking like this is real. Vibrational frequencies? Yeah, why don’t you measure those frequencies for us, and tell us the equipment you used. Why don’t you tell us how you determined the frequency of a hunk of stone, while you’re at it? If you can’t do this, then it’s monumentally stupid to be talking about frequencies. The only reason you do is to sound intelligent, but let me tell you, it’s not quite working.
    To make a long story short. the answer is none.

  6. gldslinc is correct. Onyx and dark quarts correspond to your base chakra at the bottom of the spine. In Hinduism it is called the muladhara chakra.
    And don’t mind the skeptical trolls on this forum. They’re all just a bunch of broken records who tell everybody who believe anything outside of known science that they’re wrong and give everybody who disagrees with them a zillion thumbs down.
    what only 6 thumbs down? common you guys can do better than that

  7. I also agree that they would align with the root chakra. All things have the energy of Source flowing through them. Stones are a gift to us. When you say dark quartz, I assume you mean Smokey Quartz.
    Here is a good article about stones in general and why we are attracted to them and their energy:
    Here are some basic definitions on the two stones:
    Onyx has served as a worry stone and material for rosary beads for centuries. Crystal healers believe that it has the ability to soothe fears and worries, to control to overwhelming emotions. They say it can help a person maintain a positive outlook while awaiting the result of a source of anxiety. They also recommend it for improving concentration and devotion, calming sexual tension and ending marital disputes. The stone is also reputed to have bad mental consequences that can include depression, nightmares and losses in legal matters.
    Good for opening all Chakras. The following colors work best with relieving ailments associated with the Chakras indicated:
    Black Onyx-Root/Base Chakra
    Green Onyx-Heart Chakra
    Yellow Onyx -Solar Plexus Chakra
    Blue Onyx-Throat Chakra
    Physical Healing
    New Agers use Onyx for treating glaucoma, epilepsy, hearing problems, heart trouble, ulcers and cell damage. They also recommend it for athletes, who should wear it on a necklace that reaches the Solar Plexus to increase vigor, strength and stamina. It also works on the structural and epidermal systems including bones and teeth, bone marrow and aching feet, and soft-tissues fingernails, skin and hair.
    Smokey Quartz:
    Smoky Quartz-Crystal healers believe it will help the wearer reach personal and business goals, by bringing pure emotions of patience, perseverance and innocence. As a stone of purity, it can calm the mind, ease depression, and cure addiction and obsession, as well as removing negative feelings of jealousy, anger, burnout and fear. It also helps with prioritizing wants and needs, transitioning into new stages of the life cycle, and creativity.
    This site actually has a lot of good info about stones and chakras. The information above is from the site below.
    To add to that, in my own personal experience, Onyx is great for balancing the male and female aspects of oneself and for protection from physical and spiritual harm.
    Smokey Quartz is also a great protection stone but in a lighter, less aggressive way and it filters out negativity.
    Working with stones and chakras is a very ancient practice. It is in many religions and spiritual practices. While some people say that we are more advanced now, than we where back then…it is not entirely true. Technically speaking yes, we are more advanced. Spiritually speaking, we have regressed.
    And lastly, I don’t know why people waste their time around here when they have absolutely no belief in what is being talked about, it makes no sense to me. What matters is that YOU feel something, not everyone is open minded enough to benefit from the Earth’s gifts.


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