Home Discussion Forum To evolve our consciousness, or not to evolve, that is the question.?

To evolve our consciousness, or not to evolve, that is the question.?

We are all faced with our own growth of consciousness, only once we have grown beyond the physical consciousness, will the end of our physical consciousness not affect us. Why have the true keys of knowledge been hidden? Their true purpose is to nourish our consciousness so that they will grow. Why has the true communion been hidden?
Damn the pharisees, they are like a dog sleeping in the cattle manger, they do not eat and they do not let the cattle eat!


  1. You can’t grow spiritually and in understanding if you are living in sin, without Jesus. Also, if you don’t have God’s teachings being used in your life, then how CAN you grow conciously? You’ll still have the same wants and desires that you had before, just maybe feeling more and more guilty about them.
    Hybrid Jesus: How do you become indifferent to the “drama” going on around you, and yet be compassionate to others situations? That makes no sense.

  2. That seems to be the point. Buddha was sure it was the point. It is to become indifferent to the drama going on around us. To become compassionate for the circumstances of people whom we don’t understand. To understand that everything in life, good and bad, is a gift that helps us get to our unchangeable self, that is the only self that isn’t a lie, it is all that has been with us the whole time.

  3. I think I understand what you are saying. Once we develop our spiritual consciousness, there is no need to fear death, because we realize it doesn’t change much.
    The keys have been hidden because so few people want them. They are protected against the rabble. You are right about the religious elders, but they don’t believe the common people can emotionally handle those keys. Many people cannot. Read about the kundalini experience, if you are interested. http://www.life-enthusiast.com/ormus/orm_kundalini.htm Truth IS stranger than fiction. The cliche, “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” is really true.
    I only have a little knowledge, but if God had not only given it to me a little at a time, I would have lost my sanity.

  4. It is already happening but cannot be seen!!
    Science has shown atheists have a higher intelligence than people with a strong religious faith. The difference is 5.8 points according to findings in developmental psychology!!!
    More members of the “intellectual elite” considered themselves atheists than the national average.
    Only 7 percent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God. Whilst only 3.3 percent believed in God in the UK’s Royal Society.
    Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQ’s tend not to believe in God.”
    2. Neuroscientists have conducted the most comprehensive brain mapping to date of the cognitive abilities measured by the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), the most widely used intelligence test in the world.
    The results show that the various factors that comprise a high or low IQ score
    depend on particular regions of the brain.
    The WAIS test is composed of four indices of intelligence, each consisting of several subtests, which together produce a full-scale IQ score. The four indices are the verbal comprehension index, which represents the ability to understand and to produce speech and use language; the perceptual organization index, which involves visual and spatial processing, such as the ability to perceive complex figures; the working memory index, which represents the ability to hold information temporarily in mind (similar to short-term memory); and the processing speed index.
    With the exception of processing speed, which appears scattered throughout the brain, the lesion mapping showed that the other three cognitive indices really do depend on specific brain regions.
    For example, lesions in the left frontal cortex were associated with lower scores on the verbal comprehension index; lesions in the left frontal and parietal cortex (located behind the frontal lobe) were associated with lower scores on the working memory index; and lesions in the right parietal cortex were associated with lower scores on the perceptual organization index.
    The study also revealed a large amount of overlap in the brain regions responsible for verbal comprehension and working memory, which suggests that these two now-separate measures of cognitive ability may actually represent the same type of intelligence, at least as assessed using the WAIS.
    It matters not if they are atheist because of this new type of intelligence or get it because they are atheist — it is a totally different and far more efficient process!!
    Evolution in action with Christians getting left behind like the monkeys and apes before them!!!

  5. evolation is importent to human devolpment…plus it’d be really cool if i had panther arms…or-or-or fangs! fuck yeah fangs! …yeah it’d be really cool…really really fucking cool!


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