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"To end the bizarre tyranny of ego is why we go on the spiritual path"?

but the resourcefulness of ego is almost infinite and it can at every stage sabotage and pervert our desire to be free of it.
( I’ll cite the source later)
Quoted from “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche, Chapter 8, section called “Ego on the Spiritual Path”


  1. Sounds like Tolle.
    sin =ego in the Christian language.
    sunman– it’s the deception that needs to be quelled. If you define the ego as the personality then that is different. Tolle used it as the deceiver as it is in this quote.

  2. Sounds like something from the Chaos Magick arena. Deconstructing the fiction of the ego, to get down to the true self, is one of the pathways to power.
    Usually, passing through Seige Perilous, can either leave you enlightened, or pretty much ready for the nuthouse. or both, or neither.
    Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

  3. (I just e-mailed Onelight and discussed this very issue.)
    Yes, but the reason the ego resists is because it recognizes that its own annihilation is not the answer.
    The ego must not be allowed to become a tyrant, but it’s not something we must be free of. Instead, it must be carefully trained and developed, and not crucified. Its perspective is unique and the spirit could not function in the everyday world as a physical being without the ego.
    —–Ross: I agree, but to me the ego itself is not a lie. I define it as a psychological structure; it is the most surface part of the whole self. The part that deals directly with physical reality. The sleeping ego is a deceiver, but this is not its true nature. I know I’m going off on a tangent, but I thought I’d take avantage of V’s question to plant a seed.
    “The inner ego …always identifies with its source-identity as a beloved, individualized portion of the universe. It is aware of the universal love that is its heritage.
    “It is also aware of the infinite power and strength that composes the very fabric of its being. Through being made aware of these facts, the exterior ego can begin to feel a quicker sense of support and nourishment. The knowledge can let it relax, let go, so that it feels its life couched and safe, and know itself to be indeed a beloved child of the universe, both ancient and young at once, with an identity far beyond the annals of time.
    “It is of great value, then, that each person remember this universal affiliation. Such a reminder can often allow the inner self to send needed messages of strength and love through various levels, appearing as inspiration, dreams, or simply bursts of feeling. The inner ego draws intent and continuous support from the universal consciousness, and the more the exterior ego keeps that fact in mind, the greater its own sense of stability, safety and self-esteem.” ~ The Way Toward Health, March 19, 1984.

  4. I agree with both points made by the questioner.
    Ego is sometimes identified as the natural ability to see the self as separate from, and in interaction with, it’s environment. This arises in all creatures and is necessary in order to function, but it is not a problem.
    The problematic aspect of ego is made possible by self awareness, which is the ability to contemplate ones fate and form a complex identity of relationships to the world along with a need to reinforce this identity and control it’s own experience and formulate endless desires to fulfill rather than respond spontaneously to conditions as the other animals do. Only humans, and perhaps a couple of other species, possess this self awareness to any meaningful extent.
    Since this identity formed through self awareness is false, the imagined control is ultimately false this leads to endless struggle to maintain a false identity, false sense of power and control, pursuing desires that can never ultimately bring fulfillment. This is the source of suffering.

  5. I think, to put it simply, suffering is what brings most of us to the spiritual path.
    In the beginning, we realize that there seems to be an “observer” and that which is being “observed/ego” or the conditioned personality.
    We (from about age three) live from a personality that has been programmed into us…thus, ego/super ego is ‘who’ we think we are! Early on, we lose the simplicity of ‘being’ and, on some deep level, we miss it!
    Our parents, our society/culture, have the same conditioning (having been conditioned by their parent, etc.) and with “good intentions” they set about cloning us to be just like them.
    The longing for our naturalness, our natural simplicity (it has been called “The original face”) works like a magnate filled with questions!! It pulls (some of us) relentlessly for answers!
    It may happen if one gets in touch, enough, with that simplicity it will ‘neutralize’ the dualistic nature of the mind/ego.
    Freedom from the ‘unnecessary suffering’ will be realized when the ego is, basically ignored…it will die a natural death! We cannot directly kill ego or the thoughts that continually feed it, but we actually can ignore the vibrations!
    Freedom is our birthright.


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