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to be a good person or to get laid?

Okay, I’d just like other people’s opinion on this. I have this ex I was with for over two years who is currently homeless. I let him sleep on my couch cause it’s that or sleeping on the streets. Now, he cheated on me and I told him it was over and it has been over six months since I’ve gotten laid. I don’t care about anything else, I have freaking needs and this bastard keeps laying guilt trips on me cause I feel like finding someone else and getting laid, not in order, one is not mutally exclusive of the other. I have no interest in getting back together with him, but since I do have a free place I would feel bad about kicking him out because I do think karma counts towards things and he has no place else to go. So, what can I do about this jerk that wants to lecture me about our past relationship every time I try to go out without him and continously tells me he’s trying to get into the army to make everything magically betther with us (3 months plus I really don’t think the U.S. army is being too selective at this time) so I can get laid and forget about this past six month long dry spell. I have made it very clear that we are NOT in a relationship and I don’t want to be friends with benefits, and I otherwise think that he’s probably ridden with STDs and I only let him sleep on my couch cause I can’t find it in my heart to be so cruel as to let him lie homeless on the streets?


  1. be a good person tell him he is there out of the kindness of your heart and he has no room to talk about your life because he is no longer a part of it. but dont just throw your body around like its worthless and dont sleep with him it will give him the upper hand.

  2. The choice is yours and yours only. If you like him as a good friend then let him be on your coach and not bug him at all. You can always find another man to have sex with. But if you only like the guy that is sleeping on your coach then just have sex with him and tell him to for get about the past and start over. Good Luck!

  3. well 4 1, he’s a full grown man, he can get up n out on his own. he knows he has u 2 fall bk on.
    as 4 the sex part, u basically answered ur own question. if u think he has an std, y would u chance it? even with a condom?
    help him out, buy him the paper, where he can find a job and a place.

  4. Aside from getting laid…it doesn’t sound like him staying in your house is a good situation. I would say that you should give him about a week from when he first moved in to get his act together. If he’s already been there for a week, give him a day or two – he will try to make you feel guilty, but you can’t be responsible for every homeless person – and you’re even less responsible for him.


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