to atheists how is it possible to have no consciousness for infinity after you die ?

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Lord Vardarac (STFU)

Consciousness is a product of the brain. Kill the brain, and you have no consciousness. Simple.

zak the singing dog

I doubt you will have any consciousness after you die

Neil on wheels

it isn’t
when you die your soul lives on for eternity
you can choose whether to spend it with God or in eternal hellfire


Because you are dead. There are no more brain functions.
How is it that you can continue to think and feel if you have no more brain functions?


Lord Vardarac makes a good point.

The Joker

I was basically going to say what Lord Vardarac (STFU) said. If you are dead, your brain stops working and eventually rots to nothing. How can consciousness possibly exist?

Nurop shnup

The mind is the result of the functions of the brain.
Dying means you stop living.

Old Man fron Scene 24

I suppose you think it is totally impossible to forget anything while you are alive, even in the case of a severe head trauma?
Multiply that by total disintegration of your brain for infinity.


The more you wanna think about this questionable stuff, the more further away from reality you are gonna get.


How is it possible to have consciousness after you die? The seat of consciousness is in the brain, if the brain shuts down so does the mind.

frakusa 666

The same way you cannot have consciousness for infinity before you’re born.


Because dying entails death, and the meaning of death is death.

Atheist Santa Baby

We dont’ survive our death.


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