To any psychic/ tarot/clairvoyant reader who can offer me some answers to my question pretty please?





WHEN will I get a call for a job interviews with Broadridge Financial Solutions or with David Lerner Associates?
And which job will I end up working in before the end of this month? Which job offer will come to me first?
I’ve followed up with both jobs for close to a month and I haven’t heard from either place since.
All serious answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


  1. I am seeing David Lerner.
    Not seeing Broadbridge at all.
    I don’t get a time-frame.
    Hope this helps a little.
    Miss Zoe

  2. Financial Institutes normally do a major background check. They’re not going to give someone convicted of embezzling money the opportunity to do it again. It may take month for them to complete their investigation. So be patient and don’t blow by calling them everyday (don’t wear them out).

  3. stop name dropping two companies under the pretence of wondering if you are getting some job or other , doesnt take a psychic, to say, a month passed and you didnt hear back means dont call us and we wont be calling YOU either. I predict a giro.

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