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To All Pagans: Am I a Pagan?

OK, I know the definition of Paganism. But I am curious as to the opinions of practicing Pagans or anyone who chooses to answer. And have no worries, I do not have an identity crisis with my beliefs. Labels are of little concern to me. Just a survey of sorts.
Would you consider me a Pagan based on the following?
I believe in the spiritual path to Enlightenment. Buddhism is only one of many documented paths which I choose to learn from.
I strongly believe in karma, balance, and the harmony of nature/universe.
I don’t believe in one all-powerful supreme god. I believe that many gods exist, though there are no particular gods that I currently choose to honor. But I give my respects to most of them.
I honor the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas, and my ancestors.
I don’t believe the gods created this universe, nor the big bang theory, it’s a mystery to me and not really a concern of mine, but I believe that the concept of evolution is sound.
I believe in reincarnation, and the concept of a “true self” or spirit or soul.
I believe that Jesus Christ was a spiritual prophet and was the reincarnation of one of the 10 Bodhisattvas or Living Buddhas (under Theravada traditions).
I practice different types of meditation, including qi gong and esoteric Tibetan Buddhist meditation and strongly believe in the power of prana or qi within us and surrounding us.
I believe in divination, including astrology, palm reading, tarot, auras, feng shui, visions, etc, but believe many psychics are fakes and many systems useless.
I believe in the ability to manipulate energy and matter, or what some people would call “magic.”
I believe that the spiritual journey is different for everyone and that everyone can find Enlightenment (or their “Ultimate Destination” if you don‘t believe in Enlightenment) no matter which religion they choose, even if they were not looking for it.
And I’m not asking whether I fit into the definition, I’m asking if you consider me to be a practicing Pagan. What do you think? Why or why not?
Hermetic Pilgrim, that little quiz is what prompted this exercise. My results:
Mahayana Buddhism (100%)
Neo-Pagan (93%)
Theravada Buddhism (85%)
New Age (84%)
Taoism (81%)
But I considered myself to be more Theravada Buddhism
But I’m not a practicing Buddhist.
Another quiz:
Wicca 88%
Secular Humanism 72%
Sikhism 68%
Buddhism 68%
New Thought 68%


  1. Labels are only words but I would not suggest that you are Pagan in the exclusive sense of the term. Pagan generally implies some kind of Neo-Pagan re-constructionist belief system frequently tied into a Western pantheon (usually Celtic or Egyptian). It is important to note that Neo-Paganism was heavily inspired by Eastern Philosophy and not visa-versa.
    I would suggest that you are Buddhist and Taoist.
    This little quiz will score your compatibility with Neo-Paganism more accurately however:
    Edit: Ah OK! It keeps telling me that I am Sikh but in actuality I have more in common with Catholicism. From what you have wrote above I would definitely say that “New Age” is the closest.

  2. I don’t mean this in a negative, way, but you are a very odd mix. On one hand you seem like a Buddhist, but you also seem to lean towards being a Wiccan or something of that nature. You seem like you are guided by what you think to be true, and there isn’t really a religion that could classify your beliefs. To me though, you are a very nature-oriented Buddhist.

  3. I would see you as a pagan, who is searching, soft polytheistic, as well as Buddhist. However, definitely Pagan as not Jewish, Christian, or Muslim.

  4. You sound like more of an eclectic than anything.
    If you consider ALL non-Judeo-Christian religions to be pagan, then you certainly are one.


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