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To All Children of GOD (and anybody Else too) What is Negative Energy?

I just Looked at a Non-Christian Site where this Woman said that “when a Person sends out Negative Energy, they open themselves up for attack–Negative Energy comes Back to them–sometimes they don’t Realize this and Stay in the Loop a Long Time.
What, in your Opinion is Negative Energy?
How do you Send it Out?
(I have my own Ideas based on the Bible). Thanks and May GOD Bless EVERBODY in the Name of Jesus.
(That outta do it!) Thank you GOD.


  1. Negative energy is something that makes you feel bad.
    There are probably more.
    But you get the idea.

  2. Sounds like a pagan/ witchcraft website. The author obviously believes in Karma/ Luck/ etc.
    True negative energy, in my opinion, can be produced. I have felt good and bad energy through martial arts practice. It’s a good thing to stay away from. Bad energy, in the hands of a trained person, is very dangerous- this would not include some idiot in a dress claiming to be a witch. This energy can be focused and trained to act upon certain points on someone’s body, in order to really hurt or kill them.
    Again, this is rare for someone to have the training to use this. Possibly a Tai Chi Master in his 80’s.
    Not some goof with pained black hair and black clothes, who smells like B.O.
    My beliefs also lie in the Bible, hope that helps.

  3. People of impure hearts and intentions send out negative energy.
    Wanting to hurt someone, being jealous of someone, wishing someone would go to hell, etc. are all negative thoughts, thus if you think them, you send out negative energy.

  4. Negative energy is energy produced by negative/nonconstructive thoughts and actions.
    pushing kids off bikes to hear them cry, stealing for no purpose, other than to steal,
    killing for the sake of killing
    things of that sort
    However from a pagan point of view everything is a matter of positive and negative, ebb and flow. All being put off both positive and negative

  5. I believe we all possess the ability to broadcast negative energy. Willingly or unwillingly, it depends on our upbringing, our mood at that time, our personal worldview, and our personality. But through proper mental discipline, self control, and awareness of ourselves and others around us we can resist sending and receiving negative energy.

  6. Negative energy is basically just that: negativity. It is “sent out” in the form of anger, rudeness, intolerance, etc. It is experienced through sadness, frustration, stress, etc.
    Negative energy is a part of, and causes, what most people generally consider to be “bad” things.
    Positive energy is just the opposite.
    Goddess bless!


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