To all Atheists and Skeptic out there, would you consider trying Astral Projecting?

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I am curious to see if any atheist and/or skeptics out there would try to Astral Project I mean really put in all the effort require into training your mind to project out of body consciously and see what effect that would have on your belief system or lack there of, if you are sucessful, would you change ur belief system? Would you be willing to try?
Guys OBE’s are not halucinations, if they were I people wouldn’t be able to see things happening in real time and be able to confirm them later on.
Giz – Sleep Paralys is a sympton of OBE it happens just before you leave your body, lots of people mistake this stage with UFO abduction or like they are being attacked because they can’t move and freak out, however OBE are totally natural and safe we do it all the time everyone does it the hard part is to do it consciously and remember everything afterwards.
Honestly if these are hallucinations that have happen to show me reallife events then there is another phenomenol involved, however I doubt it.
Why skeptics are quick to disregard as hallucinations without taking the time to test it out themselves first??
When i first read about OBE i also thought that it was all BS however I took the time to try and proved to myself that it is real I have had 100% personal proof, you could 2 if you just tried maybe u learn something new.

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People's Republic of America

If an atheist had an OBE, they’d just rationalize it away as some sort of hallucination.


I’m against drugs in general.


The problem with this, like the comment that atheists would explain it away as a hallucination, is that if it doesn’t happen (which I seriously doubt it will), you will just claim that the problem was doubt. “It won’t work if you don’t believe it will!”


I’m not into altered reality, which is why I don’t drink much. From what I understand, some psychologists think that out-of-body experiences are just lucid dreams and/or trance states. I can’t see the benefit of these hallucinations.


I’ve done it on many occasions. It’s called ‘sleep paralysis’. If you experienced what I experienced, you would be absolutely convinced that you had a paranormal event. Fortunately, I understand what is going on with me, so I haven’t bought into this New Age nonsense.
EDIT: My experiences seemed real but they were demonstrably false. I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy your experiences, though. People like us do not need to do drugs because we get to hallucinate for free!

Purple Moogle

OBEs are hallucinations.
Sleep paralysis is a symptom of sleep, not OBEs. Your motor functions are disabled during sleep to prevent you from flailing in response to your dreams. Sleep paralysis occurs when there is a delay between waking up and motor function being restored. I’ve experienced this 2-3 times due to lack of sleep.

Tom I

It took me over 20 years to rule out all of my scientific objections experimentally, but I did get there eventually, and it was worth every second. So the answer is yes.


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