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Title for a story about an incubus?

I’m having difficulty thinking one up. Condensed version: it’s about a girl who ends up with an incubus, which is a male demon that has sex with sleeping women.

Anywho, any ideas?
Well, I just started it. ^^; The incubus is really arrogant and overzealous, if that helps.
It takes place in a high school setting, the girl is a senior and goes to a rave where she meets him. She’s kind of a female jock, overconfident, competitive.


  • Incubus would be the simple and straightforward answer.
    I think it would be fitting, though.

    You could also use the male demon’s name; and vice-versa (the woman’s name).

    Really, with such a vague summary, I can’t come up with anything decent.
    But … you could use, “Sleeping,” or ..yeah, haha, sorry; I’ve got nothing.

    Good luck though. :}

    EDIT: Maybe I’m just grabbing at every possibility presented to me, but “Arrogance,” or “Stubborn Lust,” could work, given the additional details, haha.

  • Dream Lover xD hahahaha ok sorry ignore my corny joke Incubus does sound good but id need to no more about the book to help decide. maybe send me a few chapters? id be happy to help u in anyway

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