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Tis the season to be impulse shopping?

shalalalala lalala la
i feel like i HAVE to buy something this season even though they aren’t necessary for my survival in the grand scheme of things. I’m fighting the temptation but this beautiful voice in my subconscious mind coupled with the corporate empire’s clever marketing techniques keep telling me to go ahead and press the ‘add to your shopping cart’ button 🙁
any advice?


  1. Well, if you’ve been considering buying it for a while, and because “tis the season” it happens to be on sale… go for it. While I myself saw some things I really wanted had actually been marked up in price, I keep hearing everyone is marking things down and selling cheap. Apparently it’s only the expensive things they’re marking down.
    My advice would be to ask yourself if it’s something you would have considered buying 3 or 4 months ago. If it isn’t, pass it by, because you probably don’t need it.
    It’s only impulse shopping if it takes an impulsive decision to make you buy it.

  2. I feel the same!!
    However we have a wedding coming up so I will just buy the clothes/jewellery etc for that. Otheriwse I would feel guilty as I have sooo many things.


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