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Tips on how to astral project?

I’ve been trying but all i seem to get is the sleep paralysis…and thats it ..i can’t seem to get out of my body : / …. so can you give me something you’ve tried that you think works pretty well.. please don’t copy & paste bc ive visted most of the sites and they ..well right now don’t seem to help…
also if you don’t belive in this or think its stupid… just take your crap some where else i don’t have time >.>


  1. If you don’t have time to listen to why this is rubbish or stupid then you’re at the wrong site dearie.
    We’re going to do as we like.

  2. I wish I could astral project. =(
    Have you tried music?
    Youtube has some really good meditating music.
    And the frequency things are really cool.
    Search for an astral projection frequency, or just something to get into a deeper trance.

  3. I meant to answer this a day or two ago but forgot to mark it on my watchlist. Sorry. I wanted to tell you that you having vibrations and sleep paralysis already means that you’re doing a LOT more than other people that are trying to astral project. The only thing you have to do now is focus on making the vibrations stronger and completely relaxing your body so that the vibrations can take over and do their job. Also, you have to let go of any fear or hesitation you might be feeling. This will anchor you to your body and make it impossible to leave it. Nothing will happen to you while out of your body and that’s a promise. You might want to try progression relaxation which is tensing and relaxing muscles starting from your feet and moving up to your head one body part at a time. You can also try meditation or breathing exercises to help you gradually get a induced state of relaxation whenever you need it. Don’t try this while you’re having sleep paralysis though. Practice these techniques in the daytime.
    Here are a few simple astral projection techniques that might work for you.
    1) This one is SO fun even if you’re not able to have an OBE right away. Lie on your bed with your eyes closed. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax. Now imagine that the bed is spinning slowly while you’re on it. Imagine everything in your room going by you as the bed continues to spin. I thought this was stupid until I tried it and this was what actually caused an accidental OBE a few days later. So I can only imagine what it can do while you’re in sleep paralysis.
    2) Throughout the day, continue to ask yourself if you’re dreaming or awake. The whole point of this for your mind to continue asking these questions even after your sleep. This will induce a lucid dream and from there you can imagine your room exactly as it is and your bed exactly as it what look with you lying in it. This is different from visualization while you’re conscious because you will actually be carrying these actions through in your dream. Once you see your body in bed in your mind’s eye, visualize your astral body slowly drifting out of your physical one and floating towards the ceiling. Stay realized and visualize that you’re now in that floating body. This technique worked wonders for my friend because she was able to have lucid dreams all the time.
    3) Another way is to always think about having an OBE throughout the day. Tell yourself that you ARE going to have an OBE tonight and that you will be safe in doing so. Before going to bed, read books on astral travel, look at pictures, and/or look up articles on astral projection. When you lie down and are drifting off to sleep repeat to yourself in any variation “I WILL have an out of body experience tonight!” until you fall asleep. Flood your mind with the idea of astral projection and the ideal of having one. This may or may not be successful the first time but it is known to be successful for a LOT of people even if it takes a few tries.
    Good luck and remember to relax!

  4. First of all, have you tried meditation? it helps a lot. All you are doing is lowering your body vibrations, or frequency. The Astral Planes operate at a lower frequency then the Physical Plane and that is the key.


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