• Always the teachers with no good intention except an attempt to feel better about themselves. (Pats you on back).

  • lol that was cool. I will thumbs up that for making me smile. We all have bad days haha. I know I have ranted at people about spelling, but only when they claim highly evolved intelligence and widom and/or unnecessary vulgar or rude vinacular spills from their vile mouths.

    As you saw I don’t like that lol. I am not religious either haha… It’s interpretation.

    I tried these damn astral projections, have had 0 luck, but I have had 0 luck in a lot of research. I tried to lick my elbow, no dice!

  • see, I can’t even spell wisdom!!!:)

    Seriously though, if you get a wireless keyboard, get a nice one that doesn’t miss letters…. 15 feet from computer and I guess my soda is blocking it? LMAO

  • I don’t know what happens, but when I lie down and relax to go to sleep, If I’m thinking about this and I remain conscious, I get sudden weird rushes throughout my body every 10 minutes or so almost like my body is trying to keep me awake…? o.O
    Can anybody tell me if I am almost undergoing sleep paralysis or am on the verge of an OBE?
    Any answers would be appreciated 🙂

  • i cant get by the beggining of the vibrations, i get a very uncomfortable sensation in my stomach and i have to tense and if i let the vibrations get stronger it gets very painful like my stomach is being pulled and twisted and i have to stop. ive tried riding through it but that really doesnt work. Does any1 know what it is and how to stop it

  • i try to relax and imagine pushing my self from my body. but my arms go cold and numb and end up being up in the air rather than my astral body leaving. Any idea whats up with the arms? what am i doing wrong?

  • it used to happen regularly for me, without much effort on my part. i would hit the still point and project almost”automatically,” but recently for a few months now i haven’t been able to. its starting to depress me. :/…

  • Hi Bob how’s it going? I have a question how many projections would you recommend at the 10 seconds before gradually increasing? Thanks & Blessed be

  • Very simple my ass. I’ve been trying for many hours several times, and I’ve never been able to get out of the body when I wanted to. It happens spontaneously, and I’ve had it many times when I’ve spent several minutes in the OBE state, even to the point where I had trouble getting back into my body.

  • Nothing can happen to you while you are astral travelling. things can scare you but only if you let them.

  • i have treid countless times, affter i saw insidiouse i became ubsessed with astral projection, but i have ADHD sooo…

  • So it’s just my body playing a trick on me, my heart really isn’t beating super fast when i try to lucid dream / astral project?

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