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Tips for Astral projection? What am i doing right/wrong?

Allright so I have had 3 experiences so far.
1st: I freaked out and didnt know what was happening. I was EXTREMELY tired went to bed at 3 after a long day. Woke up and found out a few days later what i expereicend was sleep paralysis
2nd: I felt it at first but not to intense so i drifted off to sleep. Suddenly there was a girl from school on top of me but in like a wispy/ghost form i couldnt see her but i could tell she was like that. She was whispering in my ear but i have no idea what. Iwoke myself up
3rd. I was pretty tired, ifelt the vibrations come and by this time I knew what astral projection was so I relaxed, concentrated on a space a foot from where I thought my body was and I felt my body being pulled away from my bed( so i thought my soul was separating) but instead I just spun around slowly in a 360 degree turn and i heard strong WINDS in my ears and came back to my original spot and woke up.
Now I wasn’t TRYING to astral project when the 3rd one happend. ( I have been trying to every other night for the past week and a half)
My process before (which didnt work) would be
1. stare at an object until i dozed off
2. when i dozed off i would concentrate on the blackness in front of me (eyes closed) basically concentrate on the void
3. From here after i feel the vibrations i would concentrate on an area away form my body to separate my soul but i havent gotten that far
What do you think it was that I did right to make it happen the 3rd time? Or does anybody have any other tips


  1. The problem with dreams or projections are that the last image you fall asleep with is not what the brain projects. the exact moment of sleep dictates what controls the dream. If concentration drifts for second then it can change. Try subliminal conditioning which I find easier.
    also on amazon.
    I use them with my lap top and drag the tracks to my playlist pane and then use the visualtion tabs of battery and cominatcha to watch on the windows media player while the tracks play. Creating a plalist in the pane and hitting the player repeat button will play all in a loop and hynotise you. 30 days everyday then a couple times a week should make it easier. It works for me.


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