Tingling on chakras after Reiki, what does it mean?

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by Ruby Z:

I tried a reiki session about 1 month ago, I feel waves of tingling sensation around my head and body, feel like electricity. The thing is after the session, now every day I can feel the tingling on my head (crown chara and other area on my head) and on my third eye area (between eyebrow). The engery seems strong at times, it comes and go on its own, I can feel it but I can’t control it. I don’t know when it will come and where it will go, and what will trigger it. It is a kind of experience that intrigue me. The sensation is very strong at times feel like there is energy going in and out of my body through the top of my head.
What does it mean? Can someone explain this to me? The reiki practioner said I was activated. I don’t understand is this good or bad? Is it healing me and balancing my energy, or is there other deeper meaning to this?

Answer by Colette Pioline ART
It’s your body’s way of trying to overthrow a mind that buys ridiculous bunk like Reiki.

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Old Dirty the 4th

You may be having a stroke. Get to a Dr. immediately


It’s fine and in my opinion, it is actually a good thing. It’s just your chakras waking up and spinning. They spin to remove blockages.
The crown chakra is where you let information in at. The third eye is the psychic area. So it sounds to me like maybe that is where you have had the most blockages in life.
For me, it is my root and stomach that tingle and spin…especially when I’m meditating and grouding. It makes sense because I am not the best person at manuevering in the physical world and I carry a lot of emotions (mines and others) with me. So those chakras are always trying to kick it off and correct it. My crown and third eye rarely tingle because I am psychic and very spiritual so they both are very activated.
BTW, if you doubt your reiki practioner then you shouldn’t be having them do sessions on you. I don’t think there’s anything wrong or unusual with what your feeling but there should be a line of trust between you and your practioner.
Here’s a good site on chakras.


From the sensation you are describing, it sounds like the tingling you are experiencing is that your chakras are opening up and accepting the energy of the universe.
Chakras become imbalanced and spin the wrong way due to the stresses and demands of life and when we close ourselves to the world around us. Reiki helps to realign these in the manner that they should be to accept energy. The energy from the universe is going into your body through your crown Chakra and going to where it is needed.
This is very good, you should embrace this. Remember Reiki is intelligent energy, meaning that it goes to where it is needed. Is your practitioner sending you distance energy?
Remember Reiki cannot be used for bad intentions. Reiki cannot do any harm, only help whatever issues you have. If you are receiving it, then you need it. What can be bad about that? This energy is the essence of life itself. Embrace it and use it.

shirley s

Hello I’m a former reiki master who disconnected from the energy my advice to you is not to take any more reiki treatments …if your chakras keep feeling tingly clean them with salt , in other words get in the shower and wash those areas with salt asking your Angels to help remove that energy.


the feeling you have is know as A.S.M.R.(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) look up A.S.M.R. on youtube, its cause your body is relaxed.for example whhispering activates this response 🙂


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