Time travel to the past, will it make a difference in the present if thing are being changed?

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Will time travel into the future of making changes, will it have impact on the present?

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depends on what theories you believe in. the “grandfather paradox” states that if you travel back in time to kill your grandfather before he met your grandmother, your father wouldn’t have been born and therefore neither would you, so you wouldn’t exist to kill your grandfather in the first place. therefore, there would be a alternate time in which you do not exist. this is part of the “many worlds” theory.
i’d love to keep typing, but i’m late for class!!!! check those out on wikipedia


There is no legitimate, peer reviewed theory that speculates on time travel into the past. That’s because traveling into the past would have to reverse the second law of thermodynamics and reconstruct the universe as it was back then. That can’t be done; we cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Travel into the future is done all the time (pun intended). GPS satellites, for example, have to have their frequencies adjusted to allow for the fact that time on the satellites has slowed down relative to the receivers on Earth.
If there were a clock on a satellite and the satellite came back to Earth unscathed after, say, a decade of swirling around the planet a check of its clock against one on Earth would show that the Earth clock had gained time compared to the satellite clock. In other words, that satellite would be a few microseconds or so into its future when it got back to Earth.
In the far future, if we have a spaceship go to Alpha Centauri and back at 1/4 light speed it would take that ship about 8 years to make the round trip according to Earth time. But on board the ship, only roughly 7.77 years would have passed on the ship’s calendar. The crew will land back on Earth .23 years into their future.
All this is fact… the physics is called time dilation and it has been demonstrated over and over again. Browse “time dilation” and you’ll find all kinds of hits relating to the subject if you’re that interested.

The Buddha's Child

future or past or present CANT be changed. even if u try to change one of them into bad or good, it will turn back to the way it was. future, past and present has been set up by god. no mortals can change it!


even if you change a minute detail in the past, it’ll change almost everything that is in the present. it’s explained in the ‘butterfly effect’ theory. everything that happens in the universe in the reaction to what has happened prior to it. it’s a great chain of reactions.


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