Time travel through a stargate.?

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We know that we can travel in our dream state etheric, but have anyone ever traveled to another planet, in another galaxy while sleeping and experience the lifestyle being there? Has anyone ever traveled through a portal le; a time capsule through water to get to the other dimension but learn that their other self is there and cant cross paths with the other self. This has happened to me and i had recorded this dream in my dream book… I also learned that when i do awaken, that i am drained from the traveling,,, the experience is something that you will never forget. So i know that its possible for the human spirit/soul to travel etheric to other dimensions while sleeping. I think it depends on your diet that enables you to travel far like that.
For anyone who has experienced something similar, what is your intake on this?

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Maybe you should be talking with your doctor about this.


It is a nice phantasy.


No, but my imagination can take me just about anywhere. Makes for some great stories, too.


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