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Time travel / rocket ship question…?

I, for the sake of this question, built a spacecraft that will fire a tachyon-speed pod that is programmed to travel in an infinite time-loop back into the light cone of the firing mechanism ONE SECOND before the tachyon pod is fired. But I also equipped a sensor on the firing mechanism that detects the approach of the pod. When this sensor is activated it is programmed to flip a safety switch that prevents the tachyon pod from firing in the first place.
Now, when I start the mechanism, does the tachyon pod fire?


  1. Paradoxes have no answers. The only logical conclusion is that creating a paradox is physically and theoretically impossible. Stephen Hawking goes as far to say time travel to the past is physically and theoretically impossible, otherwise if time travel to the pass was possible people from the future would have shown up to the very nice party he threw

  2. Yes, but only in theory.
    I have a similar machine that fires a cascade of tachions into the past.
    When I press the red button a red light goes on yesterday.
    This is the trick, if my horse wins the race tomorrow I will press the button and the light will go on today, so I have £200 in my pocket ready to run down to the bookmakers and bet on the horse.
    So I am sitting here answering questions on Yahoo Astro while I wait for the light to come on.
    Any minute now,
    Any minute


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